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  1. Well if you ever change your mind make sure you let us know
  2. Does anyone know of any good software for submitting infographics to the sites or is this something you need to do manually?
  3. There is some good info in the post. I can see it helping me with my sites.
  4. Another vote for cool. The ecommrece thread is loaded with a bunch of great info.
  5. I have doing ok with it. Pretty good amount of traffic for and not all that hard to do as long as you fairly good at working on images and photos.
  6. Has anyone heard when next year Google is switching to the mobile first index? I have looked around and I have not found anything other than next year. Also maybe an AMP/Mobile master thread might be a good choice.
  7. I recently read that Amazon and Microsoft are going to be combining forces to make it easier to compete against Google and Apple. I have no ideas what the numbers are but with all the home devices that Amazon is selling they must be gaining quite a bit of market share on Apple.
  8. Great share and anyone looking for part 2 can find it in the following thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/10839-email-marketing-7-more-testing-opportunities-to-generate-big-wins-part-2/
  9. Going to also have to go with Yoast along with what seems to be most of the votes. It does a good job, is easy to use for the most part and when I do have a question the answer is easy to find.
  10. Finding competitor Keywords they rank for

    Have you checked out semrush.com it does a decent job of finding info on your competitors.
  11. Raises hand, Pick me Pick me........... I know what his answer is going to be just by reading his posts. marketingexperiments.com
  12. Getting Started with Behavioral Email Marketing

    If I was going to switch how hard would it be to move my list over?
  13. If it was me I would start trying other things worth the same as the cupcakes and see if it is about the price or about how much value people give cupcakes.
  14. Alternative Ad Network

    I have used them on a couple of sites and it worked out just fine without any problems at all.