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  1. Comments slowing down my page loads

    That is a substantial difference and an easy fix. Too bad all our seo and website problems are not that easy to solve.
  2. Is anyone using related searches like in this article and does it really help your rankings? https://www.smartinsights.com/search-engine-optimisation-seo/seo-strategy/using-related-searches-google-helps-boost-seo/
  3. Comments slowing down my page loads

    How many comments did you go with and how much did it help your load times?
  4. Google trends is a good tool to use, if you are not using it you really should be
  5. Anyone using Quora for traffic?

    Try focusing on a more narrow subject to start out with. That and set alerts so you can get your answers in first or at least early.
  6. Anyone using Quora for traffic?

    Yes but as the others have posted you need to make sure you post good answers to make it work. It also takes awhile to build up some rep. You want to stay somewhat narrow at least at first so the people interested in a particular subject start to see your name regularly.
  7. Every.Single. Page.

    It does if you open threads in a new tab. Click on link not a problem, open up link in new tab box opens up every time.
  8. Sites testers and speeding up your website

    I usually use Pingdom and the google tool.
  9. how to get second facebook account

    Canvas defender is a new one to me, the rest I have used or use. Thanks
  10. how to get second facebook account

    What other add ons do you use?
  11. ISPs are really taking and selling your browsing info? That is not cool at all I would not think they would allowed to do that.
  12. how to get second facebook account

    Another option is to get a second mobile phone number with a cheap phone and use it rather than a computer. Just make sure not to use it at home or make sure you disable the location data so Facebook can not see your two phones hanging out together in the same place all the time.
  13. The Top 11 Benefits of Guest Blogging

    I am going to agree with the above posters. If you have not read through the linked guest posting thread you are missing out on some excellent info.
  14. Interesting I did not know that was a thing. Is it something that is worth doing? How is better than using a service?