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  1. This sounds like a good method. Is it still working for you or have you had to change it in anyway due to algorithm changes?
  2. How often do you update the content on yoru pbn sites? If you have a large number of them updating them often would suck up a lot of content
  3. This one works pretty good https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-polls-by-opinionstage/
  4. Seriously? 15 seconds in a google search, here is Google's answer plus there are plenty of other sites with instructions as well including a couple of videos. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/171664
  5. Here is another one. This one is a bit different as it focuses on high dollar items and commissions. http://benguonline.com/high-paying-affiliate-programs
  6. Sounds like a plan. Do you always test the phrase you are going to use?
  7. When you substitute like that it shows up differently when you do a search? I would think Google would give you the results for the correct version.
  8. I thought the article was pretty good as I have been thinking about trying to do some marketing on Instagram but the thread was awesome as hell and yes some of those posts should be posted to the top of the forum somewhere.
  9. This is on non ecommerce sites like blogs? That seems like a high percentage why so many links to the inner pages?
  10. Would you not build more links to the product and category pages rather than the main page when link building for ecommerce sites?
  11. I seem to be in the minority but I use All in One and find that it does a great job and seems easy to use.
  12. I was thinking it was a bit off as well but your explanation makes a huge amount of sense. Not even something that I considered.
  13. Not a conversation I have had with anyone but I have seen it on the forums more than a few times where someone loses a lot of money doing adwords or some other ppc advertising and it was because they dumped all of it at once with little or no testing or tweaking. Just expected to be able to dump a bunch of money into it and make huge amounts of sales with little or no conversion work. So yes start small and tweak the hell out of your sequence before going crazy with the ad spend.
  14. I have to say cheap as they are none of them scream need to have to me even for branding purposes. They might not be selling as well as they thought they would which is why they have been on sale for so long.