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  1. Have you sold all these or are they still available? Drop me a PM if they are still avilable
  2. I have not tried using it either but it does sound like it could worth using. Not much to lose but some time so probably worth checking out to see.
  3. Is anyone using webinars and or podcasts? I can see where they would help drive some traffic but I am wondering if they drive enough to be worth all the extra work.
  4. Google increasing snippets length

    Thanks for the info guys I learned something new or I guess I really unlearned something that was not really true.
  5. Google increasing snippets length

    I thought Google was pulling it from the page description. Is that not the case?
  6. For everyone that is using Twitter has the new character limit changed the way you are doing your headlines or working it?
  7. I try to have at least 1 or 2 for each article though sometimes more if it is a really long post. I use screen shots most of the time so I do not have a big need for stock photos.
  8. There is really no way for Google to ignore grammar completely and then somehow measure content quality. I can see them trying to find a point at which an article goes from having some grammar mistakes to being unreadable and then not ranking the pages that go over the line. Also I would think that not all site types are going to be graded the same. You would expect higher quality from a blog post than you would from forum posts for example.
  9. Cool that it worked out. When your seo is going wrong and you do not know why it can be a bit stressful.
  10. Did this ever correct itself or are they still incorrect?
  11. Buffer sites

    The process is easier than it sounds. Make a list of sites with contact info and start contacting them a couple at a time. I have picked up a few this way that were worth more than I paid for them. You will run into some people who over value their sites but just say no thanks and move on.
  12. I have never understood why people buy all those fake followers. Seems like a lot of wasted money
  13. I have been using these https://www.keyword.io/ browser extension https://keywordseverywhere.com/
  14. Thanks those posts are very informative.
  15. There is always so much conflicting information it is hard to figure out who and what to believe on some of these factors.