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  1. It's easy and complex at the same time. I started with wieight loss niche in my native language. Started with a Seo course and Lead Generation with a simple opt in page after. The traffic arrived slowly but it converted. After it was the turn of Fb Ads, just launched by FB. (yes i did not do adwords cause i wanted to learn seo and focus on it before). It was the time when fb ads were not so regulated so the ads about weight loss, expecially in a foreign language, are all allowed. So i implemented after a while also fb ads. I gained my 10 first customers IN A ROW (i sold 10 customer a lot before but i consider the ones with ads the first ones cause of rapidity), in a couple of days. Then i realized that Email Marketing and Lead Generation is the best type of business and focus on it. Learning copywriting etc. and today constantly improving. I shifted from trafficwave to getresponse to activecampaign and now im considering Sendlane. I've sold items before in 2003-2010, through ebay, brutal sell in clickbank, affiliation, but i dont consider these people as MY CUSTOMERS, cause they become the company's customers, i did not retrieve their mail so i did not have any relationship with them. So now my entire business focus on Email Marketing. All the other depends on it, and i think focusin is one of the key to better do things. And you? how did you start?
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    Is Your Email Marketing Broken ?

    One of the most frustrated event in our email marketer lives, is when you realize that your funnel is compromised. How do you realize it? The best ways to Inform Yourself if...Your Email Marketing is Broken! You have actually simply written a persuading e-mail that you can't wait to blast out to your e-mail list. The content that you have within the email is so terrific that you can hardly await the reactions you will get from individuals who read it. This email is going to create some excellent $$$ for you. After 24 hours you get no responses. You understand people are hectic so you are not fretted. 2 Days pass by and still no reactions. You're a little nervous, but you understand you can't hurry the process. After an entire week and no responses, you are devastated. You believed you had produced an e-mail that was difficult to withstand. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! What took place is your e-mail marketing is broken. Someplace within your email marketing system, there is a broken procedure that denies you the capability to transform readers into warm leads, who can easily be converted into consumers. That is your goal right? To create appealing emails that produce earnings for your business? You set the best objective, but what you are presently doing is not assisting you attain your desired result. Provided are 4 methods to tell if your email marketing is broken, and how to correct them. 1) Your Emails are Ignored Everyone dislikes their emails being overlooked. It basically says that the recipient of the e-mail either didn't discover your e-mail to be worth reading or just not worth being reacted to. That can be a deflating feeling. Your homework is to learn exactly why individuals are disregarding your emails. Here are a few reasons they could be getting ignored: They are not warm e-mails. If you have purchased a random e-mail list or simply placed individuals on your email list from cards you have collected, opportunities are that those individuals are not your target consumers. The very best method to collect e-mails is by permitting individuals to decide into your e-mail memberships, via your blog site or site. When people subscribe to your email list, it means that they really wish to get additional info from you by email. Your subject line isn't really appealing. Your subject either does not interest people or it seems like a pushy sales e-mail. Here are some examples: A Boring Subject: Advice About Marketing A Pushy Sales Subject: You Must Buy this Course to Improve Your Marketing A Opened Subject: 5 Guaranteed Ways to Turn Your Marketing Campaign into Instant Sales Do you see the difference? Approach individuals with a way for them to get a benefit and they will be more inclined to open your email and read your offer. 2) People are Confused About Your Message The worst thing for any marketing project to do is to be all over the place. These are the campaigns that attempt to attract everyone, instead of having a central target audience to concentrate on. You can't be a B2B company but your sent emails are speaking about consumer problems. Also, puzzling messages don't make it clear exactly what is the intent of the email. And when individuals are confused, they disengage. Are you signing individuals up for your course? If not, are you selling a product and services? Or, are you just communicating to keep people engaged? Do not aim to do 5 things in one email. Keep it simple so people know what your intentions are. This allows them to quickly make a decision. You would rather have a clear decision being made, instead of individuals simply moving along due to the fact that they are not sure what to do. 3) Your unsubscribe rate is high When people unsubscribe from your e-mail list, it could be due to a variety of aspects. The following are 2 big factors for unsubscribers: You email them excessive. Don't send out more than one e-mail every day. It becomes an annoyance and begins to appear like spam, instead of beneficial details. Reasonably send out emails, and make sure that they are not all focused on selling. You can also provide individuals with industry news, company news, and blog site updates-- mix it up. Your emails aren't valuable. If you aren't informing people when you send out emails, you are wasting your time. The function of email marketing is to be seen as an authority, not a nuisance or the same as everybody else. Be familiar with your subscribers. Inquire questions and dig deep into their answers so that you can supply them with emails that they can't resist. 4) You aren't transforming opened emails into consumers How attempt you send an e-mail with the intent to sell without a call to action! When executing a call to action, you must efficiently show why the call to action is to be clicked. This is done by: Resolving the problem. Describe the problems people are having. This will assist to establish that you have a genuine understanding of your target audience, which leads to a deeper connection being made Describing why the issue happens. Now you must show your know-how. Breakdown the cause of the occurring problem. Offering an option. You don't give away the grand prize when doing this. This is exactly what your call to action is here for-- to supply the service. Instead, you speak about the value of your solution, luring individuals to click on the call to action. So, Don't let these type of mistakes destroy your e-mail marketing efforts. Your goal is to produce high conversions, but that objective can not be realized if you aren't producing e-mails that are interesting and effective.
  3. I found this interesting article: This CEO runs a billion-dollar company with no offices or email What do you think about this statement AFTER reading? "I think email is definitely on its way out, between things like P2 and Slack, which is a work place chat tool. Email just has so many things wrong with it. I've never heard anyone who've said they love email, they want more of it — have you? Imagine if, in your company, instead of email, everyone could post and comment on a blog. Different groups or teams could have their own space on it, but fundamentally everything was tagged and traceable and transparent. That's kind of what P2 looks like. " Do you think that mail is going to be replaced soon with a sort of "real-time" messaging? Or do you think that people who avoid mail are in fact the people without a job or money, and of course not in target with internet or email marketing?
  4. Im going to post a very good course about List Building made by a reputable company: Leadpages. I think this could be useful: https://lptraining.leadpages.net/email-list-building-aff/ Im not in any manner affiliate with Leadpages. Only this is my niche, list building, and i found it good to view and download, and, FREE WITHOUT OPT-IN. Hope this is useful for the Community.
  5. Hi, i wanna share with you some traffic sources i found to be good. =================================== Traffic Sources and Traffic Ideas =================================== Plenty of Fish - ads.pof.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/advertising Twitter - https://ads.twitter.com/ Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/ Note: You can also simply create your own youtube videos and upload them, with your opt-in page link embedded in the video, or below in the description. Try producing several of these for best results. SiteScout - http://www.SiteScout.com (formerly AdBrite) - You can buy a lot of traffic here. Great place to start. BuySellAds - http://www.BuySellAds.com - Paid traffic from a ton of different publishers. Excellent site to get started with. Bing / Yahoo Search - http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/ - 2nd tier PPC network. Not as much traffic as Google, but less strict and cheaper prices AdMarketPlace - http://www.admarketplace.com/ - Self Serve Text Ads EZineArticles - http://www.ezinearticles.com - Publish relavant articles about the topic of your niche and link to your opt-in page domain for List Building. You will generate floods of free traffic. TrafficVance - http://www.TrafficVance.com - I believe they require a $1000 deposit, but well worth it. They are a PPV/CPV ad network and have a very nice interface. Lead Impact - http://leadimpact.com/ - Another CPV ad network with a good reputation. Lots of international inventory. Ask - Ask.com - Go here and answer questions related to your niche, while mentioning your opt-in page as a good source of information. Great way to generate free traffic. Chech also this site, lots of sources of traffic: http://mediabuyerassociation.com/the-ultimate-list-of-traffic-souces/
  6. Solo Ads are list of owners who will allow you to advertise to their subscribers. When you do that, you're buying solo ads from them. It's one of the most rapid technique to build an Email List and monetize it almost instantly after at least 500 subscribers. There are lots of fb groups, skype groups and portal where you can find Solo Ads vendor. Personally i use Udimi primarly. And other Solo Ad Seller i trust. Obviously you send an email to the list of the Solo Ad vendor where theres link of your opt-in page: with a freebie in exchange of the mail as usually. Which will you use? What's the average opt-in rates? What do you think about this method? -