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  1. Found a good testing tool for your emails

    Nice find thanks for the share
  2. No but I add all my additions to the file at the end of the edit section just so all the extra stuff is in the same place. That way if I need to edit or remove something I know where it is.
  3. You can also set your plugins to automatically by adding a line to your wp-config file add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );
  4. Have you already installed a ssl certificate on your domain? If not that needs to be the first step. Once you have a certificate installed go to settings>general and change the wordpress and site urls to https: and then save. Once that is done all your blog links will use https:
  5. I would do a few quick searches and see if you are showing up at all for your images. If not then ^^I would go with this.
  6. Worth the read and yes it does make for a good check list to keep handy when creating your pages.
  7. On the other hand if you are not getting any image traffic it could be because they are not optimized. Even if you do not seem to be getting much out of your images it may well be worth doing a few of them as a test to see what the results are before going through all of your images.
  8. This is a great article surprised it has not received more views.
  9. Getting the on page setup correctly can make a huge difference in how easy it is to rank your site so the effort to get it right will be well worth it.
  10. I am going to bump this one to make it easier to find and add to the other one I commented on.
  11. There are a lot of articles on voice search and how to set up snippets for voice and position zero. It would be cool if they were all in one place for easy research.