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  1. There is some good info in the article. Always good to find a different way of looking at doing things as it can get you moving in a better direction
  2. My rankings have not changed much over the last month so whatever update their was I was not affected by it.
  3. I like the strategy he lays out for addressing the different needs of the searchers by intent while keeping in mind the business model of the site. Well worth watching
  4. I have found Facebook ads to be somewhat hit and miss I will do really well in one campaign and in another do poorly. Sill trying to figure out why I am seeing the differences.
  5. You want to get them to link out to a lead magnet of some sort. Link out from both the video and the description.
  6. Just curious but what would someone need a bunch of forum profiles for?
  7. Thanks I like this idea I am going to have to see if I can find a short domain to use.
  8. The Snap

    What the hell Google?

    I am a bit surprised myself. It makes you wonder what other disagreements are going on under the hood that we never hear about.
  9. This yourls https://yourls.org/ Does the name of the domain matter at all?
  10. I can see that being a problem so good advice. I have found a couple of niches that looks like this might work and am going to give it a try.
  11. One good thing about creating your master threads is bringing up older threads that we might have missed earlier