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  1. How to sell well through email affiliate products?

    You can definitely send them other offers, but 1) Keep your promotional emails to a minimum. Don't send out too frequently as they might unsubscribe. 2. Keep your emails relevant. Don't send non fitness related offers but stick to the fitness category that they actually signed up for.. If your content is irrelevant or not informative, they will unsubscribe. A These are the 2 biggest factors. The biggest mistake you could so is sending out FREQUENT emails which are LOW VALUE. The CTR and read rate will decrease as the frequency increases as a general rule of thumb. HOWEVER, keep in mind that subscribers might not mind hearing from you more often if your email is valuable. You need to find a balance. There is no one size fits all answer to how many promotional emails you should send a month, but somewhere between 2-4 times is something i would personally target.
  2. check rank and boost traffic

    This is true, and take note that you need to write in-depth content for audience that are going to actually share your content. For example, if your content is of high quality, yes, people are going to love it. But is it in-depth enough that influential people in your niche would actually share it? Identify the influential people in your specific niche, see what they care about deeply and write in-depth content that they would care enough to share to their audience. This will boost your traffic.
  3. Gather a list of IM forums, especially ones which have a Buy Sell Marketplace. Qualify and start sales thread there. If you have never sold before, offer review copiesand build up your reputation while setting up a good converting sales page.
  4. Excellent. May I also add that I know people who still use PLR content and slap them on their KDP account. Do not do this, Amazon has wisened up a long time ago and will block those books.
  5. My SEO Experiment

    Keep this mind as it's critical - get RELEVANT backlinks from REAL websites. The theme of the linking domain and the content of your page - are they relevant? The stronger the site you're linking from, the better. And what do i mean by REAL websites? i mean websites that get actual good traffic. Get backlinks from them. DO NOT ever get TIER ONE backlinks from irrelevant websites
  6. What is your best traffic source?

    Has you thought about offline traffic sources like bulletins, billboards, newspaper ads? Just thinking outside the box here. Another good online source is reddit but only after you've built a good standing in the eyes of other redditors.
  7. You can send 2 different questions to Agoda, and you'll receive the same copy pasted response. What does that tell you about them? Your best bet is hotelscombined especially if your traffic is from USA, AUS, UK Suppose your traffic is mainly from India, and other such countries, take note that you pay per lead will be drastically lower as compared to trafffic from the USA.
  8. Keyword Research Tool

    Keyword Planner is a great tool of course but note that it doesn't actually do competition analysis. The competition column you see in the Keyword Planner is for Adwords. Brad Callen's Niche Finder was a great tool but it was discontinued, they're now transitioning from software to web based application so it should be interesting to see how that pans out.
  9. I see that Google Developers have not been mentioned here? Canva is the best in my opinion but Google Developers is worth a look at if you want something different.There are tons of charts and options to match the feel of your site Another interesting and niche one to look at is InFoto for those who want to build an infographic from the photos they take on their Android phone
  10. increase my adsense cpc

    Please take note that simply using high paying keywords is not enough. The content that goes along with that keyword must be highly relevant of the highest quality. If your traffic does not convert for the advertisers, your CPC values will decrease, this is called Smart Pricing. if you're hit with Smart Pricing, the decrease of CPC will affect your whole account not just an individual site. Take this advise - you don't want to send too much traffic to your Adsense site just for traffic sakes, you want to send traffic that actually converts! Those clicks need to convert. You can see now how being highly relevant and specific with your Adsense site content is of paramount importance. If you buy bot traffic, you may earn some money rom clicks but the the CPC earnings will drastically reduce.
  11. SlideShare presentation is a good method, especially if your free product is an info product like an ebook. You take a small part of the ebook and convert into a Slideshare presentation. You can then add a link to your landing page inside the presentation to get the whole book. Make that small part that you convetred into SlideShare presentation and juicy and enticing as possible.
  12. First, you have to understand that free traffic is not junk. The right kind of free traffic is of high quality, That being said, first would be 1. blog/guest commenting/posting - please don't drop comments like wow, or great post. You're not going to get visitors out of that. Set 5 minutes of your time for each post. Write something meaningful and insightful and if possible, something from your real world experiment/case study. Real data establishes your credibility. Write 5 comments a day on relevant authority sites/blogs. Rememeber, if your comment adds value, it's not considered spam. 2. Youtube 3. Social Media. I would really recommend option 1.
  13. Yes, you can generate traffic from Reddit. But the strategy is - not to market. Redditors don't like people who self promote and they know a marketer when they see one. They will actually try to get you banned. I've seen for myself how Reddit marketers are treated harshly. Don't behave like a marketer. Behave like a Redditor. Interact, post relevant content. Upvotes posts you like. Tailor to your subreddit. Don't something too broad. If you post in a subreddit and it's a hit, wait for a month (in my opinion) before you post another link. Don't get too greedy. Again, you have to try to be a normal reddit user, be one of them, not a marketer. What's so hard posting about your favourite topics and some funny gifs? They will actually go through your history is they sense a marketer. Don't let you first few posts be a promotio and don;t over promote your site. Your site wide activity can be seen. And when you do post whatever it is that you're going to promote, explain why you posted it and address their concerns. Then you can post. Be honest, genine and helpful.
  14. With Local SEO, small businesses can promote their services to people who are actually looking for them within their local area/city/town/state (ie Houston, Texas) It promotes your name, services, address and phone number. Customers can walk in your office and not just visit your website. It's naturally highly targeted and delivers great ROI. Before you get started though, do a local seo audit to determine your competiton and what it will take to beat them.
  15. Your favorite Apps

    My favourite app would be Clipper. It's an Android app that's lets you access content you copied a week or even earlier. It's been said to be the most useful app on Android.