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  1. I will jump on the bandwagon as well and say there is a lot of good info in those thread. Thanks
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. I am not sure I understand the difference between 2&3. Both are lists but one is private and the other is not?
  4. thanks I am going to try this out on my site
  5. What is a better choice then if Adsense is not a good one?
  6. How do you choose which blogs to use automation on and which ones to do more manually?
  7. Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    Thanks for the links they should work.
  8. Does WWW or no WWW matter at all?

    No it does not matter but make sure when you are building your links that you use the one that matches your site
  9. If all or most of the links to the old site are going to the main page I would think that just redirecting to the new sites main page would be OK. If they had a lot of links and were ranking interior pages then linking to the separate pages would most likely be the best way to go. They are always going to need to keep the domain if they want to keep the links. The only way to get around that would be to get the links changed at the source. I think you can do a simple domain redirect at the registrar level so you would not need to keep additional hosting. Also look at parking the old domain at the new one I am not positive exactly how it works but I recall reading about someone doing that in a case like this and anyone going to the old domain would end up at the new domain and there would be no need for additional hosting.
  10. Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    Where would be the best place to get info on using your htaccess file to do things like block or redirect visitors?
  11. Do you ever try and rank social media pages or just use them for links?
  12. That is a lot of ecommerce threads. Has to be the most popular topic in the forum.
  13. This is some good info some of which I had not really thought about before. Good find.