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  1. Some SSL questions

    So is this kind of redirect the same as a 301 or does it replace it and works the same way?
  2. Just when I was looking for info on local seo. What sites would be the best place to get info on local seo
  3. Any suggestions for the best place to get some good information on local seo?
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Site Structure

    Pretty good article I notice that the Yoast blog puts out some good info.
  5. Not something I would have thought was all that common but now that I think about it I have seen sites like that.
  6. Have any of you used single product ecommerce sites? Not really seeing the point of just selling one product.
  7. When you started outsourcing does it have to start with a full time person or can you start with part time? I know you can hire people per job but I was thinking more along the lines of having a permanent part time worker.
  8. How to Use Facebook Live: A Step-by-Step Guide

    I am wondering the same thing myself. I have done some searching and either I am missing something or there is not a whole lot of marketing being done via Facebook live.
  9. Free Security Scans?

    Nice share this looks to be a good tool to keep out sites safe.
  10. You can look at PA.DA, the incoming links to the page and site, and the other metrics that are out there but the only measure that really counts is do the links help your site rank better of drive direct traffic.