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  1. Going to be a lot of site owners caught out by this as most do not read seo blogs or forums and have no idea this is coming.
  2. A lot of sites especially some of the bigger ones have pretty much made all their outbound links no follow. However that just makes the whole thing meaningless, if all links are no follow then google has no way of knowing what outbound links matter.
  3. How can i drive traffic to my site ?

    You should check out this thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/7861-what-is-your-best-traffic-source/
  4. You might want to check out this thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/7861-what-is-your-best-traffic-source/
  5. Simpler than what I was reading or at least what I was understanding. I was thinking much more complicated rather than nice and simple. Thanks for the help.
  6. Can someone explain the trailing slash rules using small words and short sentences? I looked a couple of sites and did not really follow exactly what I need to be doing.
  7. As I understand it there are a few factors that come into play. The quality of the websites you are linking out to. How many links you are creating from your site. What pages you are linking from. If you are linking out from new blog post pages that are not the one that is ranking on the first page already and the sites you are linking to are good quality sites then I would think you would be OK. However if it was me I would go slowly. I would do one link and see if anything adverse happened and if not do another one and wait and then rinse and repeat as long as your rankings did not drop.
  8. Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    Cool thanks much
  9. Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    I notice that you can either block or use a redirect. Is there any huge benefit of one over the other?
  10. I had not seen it either thanks for bumping it up to the top.
  11. I have used this one and it does the job https://wordpress.org/plugins/ari-stream-quiz/
  12. So the infographic sites for the most part are not going to drive much traffic unless they are targeting a specific niche or industry rather than infographics on any subject. Going to have to do some searches and see what sites I can target.
  13. Do any of these sites actually drive traffic from you infographics? I can see getting links for seo but thinking using them more for traffic and looking for some place other than the social media sites.
  14. Gmail sending GetResponse to spam folder

    Makes me glad I am not using getresponse.
  15. That is an awful lot of money just to be the default search on a browser. Must be worth it though as google did not get where it is by the guys making the decisions being stupid.