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  1. Hi hope you guys can help. 1. I am trying to find niche rank and rent sites. I have found a few but everyone of the .co.uk domains are gone. I have checked that they are not in use. I can get the exact keyword if i purchase the .org.uk or the .com.uk domains. Do you think i will be able to rank with .org.uk or .com.uk domains? or do I scrap the niches and keep looking for a .co.uk. 2. Is it best to build individual sites for keywords for example lawyersinlondon.co.uk or setup a directory site targeting keywords in the different towns instead? ie lawyersuk.co.uk/lawyersinlondon Thanks for the help
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, yeah I know its included in the membership. I cant really find any reviews of that either. Very weird. I may not be looking in the right places. Cheers
  3. I was about to purchase Bluechip, but thought i would research reviews etc. I even signed up to this forum and can only find on post from Terry which was over a year ago promoting the software. Even in Terry's recommended tools its not even on that! I am a bit stumped as to why i cant find any discussions on here or really any other forum discussing bluechip. If it was that good wouldn't it be spoken about or promoted here? Hope someone can enlighten me cheers.