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  1. looking for backlinks

    Featured article is possible on big authority sites. Hit me on skype: me_edward157
  2. (WTB) Need Guest Post

    I've huge number of sites engaged with lot of US/UK traffic. Hit me on skype for the list: me_edward157
  3. PM me if you are still interested. I've sites like entrepreneur Skype: me_edward157
  4. I can do digital journal PR distribution for $75
  5. I can get you post on niche relevant high quality sites. Hit me on skype: me_edward157
  6. Yes, I can get you post on digital journal it cost $800. Let me know if you are interested.
  7. How to explain to clients that PR is Dead?

    As a company or individual clients are very important. We never let any clients to fly away without signing. Marketer I know its hard to talk with such clients, But, still you can show his competitors as an example. Also, authorized google statement on top sites.
  8. Richard is right " Basically like a pyramid with the long tails at the bottom and the main keyword at the top " It's exactly executed in tired link building focusing main keywords at the top and sub keywords/long tail keywords acquire hierarchically at towards the bottom. The main goal is for "diversification" & "Ranking ".
  9. SEO Advice Needed

    We never tried serpclix. In terms of ranking, we use different link building tactics by using ( pbn's, web2.0, guest posts, High authority ). Tools like GSA can be used for tier -2 - tier 3
  10. When it comes to Traffic, we should focus on both SMM and SEO.
  11. Looks Good, Let's give it a try
  12. Yes, Of course. There is no doubt SMO/SMM plays a significant role in driving traffic. Good piece of content.
  13. How to get sites indexed in Google quickly?

    Some tips below to notify google bot to crawl your site faster. 1. Manual submission on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, bing. 2. Sitemap submission. 3. Social bookmarking. 4. Pinging. 5. Building backlinks ( PBN, guest post ).
  14. Penguin 4.0 finally gives us a little relief. Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting based on spam signals, rather than affecting ranking of the whole sites. If any penalties will be delivered to a specific page rather than an entire domain. Penguin data is refreshed in real time, so any changes will be made as soon as the affected page has been re crawled and re indexed.