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  1. All keywords. I seem to get around 5 hits per day for the first 4-5 month then it begins to increase from there. This was before the update on the 12 December though so no idea how my new round of sites will react.
  2. I thought this had been a thing for a while but no one chose to do it.
  3. shaunm

    How can i drive traffic to my site ?

    Try stuff like .... Niche forums Social bookmark sites Q&A sites Niche blog comments Niche Blog guest posts Social Media Video Marketing
  4. shaunm

    Wikipedia Links?

    How do you know this was from the wikipedia links and not from 301ing an aged domain? If the improvement was so small then maybe it was just from the domain aging in more or other backlinks or something.
  5. shaunm

    Anyone using Quora for traffic?

    I have tried it in the past and plan to revisit it in the future. I managed to get a small amount of traffic but it was hard to get my posts upvoted enough to get eyeballs on them.
  6. I have been playing with AHRefs a bunch recently and love it. I think its a good tool to get ASAP .
  7. I have been doing it recently, i'm starting small but so far it seems fine. I make sure my link is relevant and my actual post on Reddit ads value.
  8. shaunm

    I have a question?

    This is pretty much what I am doing these days with PBNs and Bridge Networks. So far its working fine and getting quicker as I develop the method. The below money page managed to get to the first page of Google in around two months with nothing but Bridge Network posts.
  9. Have you tried just searching your niche for forum round up posts?
  10. Have you actually successfully tried this OP? I though craigs list had massivly upped their game.
  11. I would class Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing as the same thing. SEO is a sub section within these.
  12. Look towards traffic leaking from sites such as Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Niche relivant forums, niche relivant blog comments and social media.
  13. Submit your site to Google here. If it doesnt index within minutes I would imagine there's a problem with the domain as I have always had my links index within minutes using it.
  14. Its getting much harder to rank quickly these days due to the various Google updates. The latest round of sites I build seem to be taking 5-8 month to pick up.
  15. A bit of a paradox that one. I'm just glad Google never pushed out the additional ad slots they were testing last year.