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  1. Figured this would be an interesting contribution to this section, since this method is Google-free. Forum traffic is really targeted and from people who are incredibly passionate about the topic at hand. But most people use either signature links or just spam forums, which we all know isn't all that effective. At best, some people post links where it's relevant and helpful (which is a good idea, but niche forums aren't too crazy about people posting lots of links so it still comes off as spammy). This post uses a Traffic Planet thread from Matthew Woodward as an example, so it should be easy to follow: http://www.inboundwisdom.com/forum-traffic-funnel/ This works really well on niche forums. Most people aren't using that traffic in an intelligent manner, so the market is still pretty wide open. Haven't heard about this specific method posted anywhere else before. Thoughts? Any ways to make this even better? I've used it on a few niche (non-IM) forums and, when my threads have been helpful enough to gain traction, it's worked pretty well.
  2. Guest blogging is still effective?

    It's definitely more challenging. I find it harder to get the attention of larger blogs with a real following. Many of them have even closed their guest post submission forms. The value is still there, it's just not so much low hanging fruit anymore.