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  1. Amazing post... I love how engaging it is. It taught me about content and what the houses stand for at the same time.
  2. How to find good writers?

    You can find good writers on different websites like guru, elance and Odesk. But unless or until you're a writer yourself and actually check their work you can't be sure.
  3. Every individual has their own set of experiences, and there are different cultures with the different colour association. For instance, the colour red might be an indication of danger in one culture and a sign for festivities in another. Hence, it's difficult to standardise the effect of each colour. However, a lot of attempts have been made to classify responses for colours especially in Marketing. Different colours can work for different brands depending on the product and the target audience. So, I think in order to develop a branding guideline for your marketing you need to tap into the audience and give them a set of options to choose from. Another important aspect is the complementing colours, you should always keep that in check which is fairly easy by available software like illustrator and photoshop.