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  1. deindexed?

    Noticed all that all my new EMD completely dropped out of the serp. But the aged EMD held up.
  2. They are probably starting to put google places on the keywords you are targeting.
  3. No problem. Are you getting good submit success with Web 2.0 on ultimate demon?
  4. Matt, I recently start using magic submitter and noticed that i am getting relatively low percentage submit success on web 2.0 ( out of 70 i submitted to 30), and similar to the other modules as well. Is this your experience also? What are the success rates for web 2.0, articles with ultimate demon? I think i will try this next.
  5. Thanks, will check it out. The only reason that i tried out synnd is because they claim each of the account is aged and made from different ips. This is supposely a lot higher quality than the ones from the fiverr vendors.
  6. Finemoves, What do you use for your social links? I have tried out Synnd for a couple months and it doesn't seem to have any impact on my ranking.
  7. Where are you finding your VAs for that price? I am trying to test out odesk and freelancer.
  8. Matt, I personally hate doing article spinning and been looking around for a good provider. How long does it take for you to do a well spun article? I found someone that will do 3 paragraph rewrite + Plus 2 sentence rewrites + word level rewrite for $70. Just trying to figure out if it is worth it for me to do it myself. Thanks
  9. Tier Linking For Bing

    I know tier linking works great on google. Has anyone done any testing on the effects of tier linking on bing ranking?
  10. Anyone know of a good article spinning service that will do sentence spin and word spin. I saw a couple here on this forum previously but looks like they no longer offer them.
  11. Google still has more users than facebook. Alexa traffic ranking factors in time spent on site also.
  12. Google, Listen to Us

    "life insurance" , "payday loans". No way wiki should be ranked 1 if google didn't favor them. I know each site on page 1 have thousands of quality links and continue building tons of links and still can't outrank wiki.
  13. Hey, I am in. Got quite a few domains that got deindexed in g.
  14. images - image alt tags

    I am ranked quite well on some keywords on images but notice these traffic doesn't convert too well. Anyone else seeing the same?
  15. Google +1s Good Grief

    I haven't notice any impact from the plus one and likes. I purchase these from the vendor here. Just not seeing any direct impact to your ranking.