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  1. Yes I have! Well at least I already see it show up for a few keywords, so that's good. Now I need to make blog with content for more keywords etc. Eventually I will be building their e-commerce store too with Shopify. I know about paid advertising but just trying to inform myself more on how to get organic traffic. I noticed it spits out places always surrounding your location (Google places). I assume the ranks change in one part of the city to the other etc . I want to test that soon from another region. EDIT: I just moved the map to another part of the city and the Google Places listings changed! Oh well...it's good to be there at least, but not that great, as I thought it would have been.
  2. Hey guys, Have a potential client that will also wanna rank in the Google Places section when you search a local keyword term. Example San Francisco Jeans. Is this any different from Local SEO? Very much appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Awesome thank you! So I assume even local business listings is close to regular SEO? Also I notice sometimes some businesses that are in closer range seem to show up first. Thanks again buddy!
  4. Hey guys, As the title says, how can i rank a local store for several different keywords? I know i need to get on any citation I can get FREE or some paid, but how about to go for so many keywords at once? To bump them up , I would need some quality backlinks right? Any info will be gratefully appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Thank you for your reply JeffTibbs. Do you recommend anything else where we can measure search volume etc? EDIT: I see KWFinder working not too bad... There is a few actually. Which do you find is the best? Also, if Google does not release this information any longer how will 3rd parties measure their search volume ? Thank you!
  6. First of the year? I was using it about a month or 2 ago with no problem. It must have happened sometime late summer or something. It was awesome to see approx. monthly search volume for longtails keywords etc. Now I have no clue what keywords get what! It does seem like they have discontinued Keyword Planner which some softwares used also Anyhow thank you for your reply!
  7. Hey guys, My software stopped working and cannot seem to find the Google Keyword Planner to manually check for search volume etc. Does anybody know what's going on? How are you checking for keywords and their approx search volume? Thank you!
  8. PeterPan23

    Finding competitor Keywords they rank for

    Thanks Dane, I heard of them. I also read on SpyFu... Was just wondering the most accurate tool at looking at what keywords they are aiming for in the SERPS Thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, Is there a free tool that shows the top keywords a competitor uses to rank in Google? Any advice on this topic? Thank you!
  10. PeterPan23

    Affordable Good VPS?

    Thanks once again Richard! Finally setup, just need to order my VPS box! What is the difference between classic Windows VPS and Cloud VPS Windows? Could the "cloud" act as a virtual machine to run my softwares on etc?
  11. PeterPan23

    Affordable Good VPS?

    Hey Richard. Would a VPS from knownhost.com be good to run some apps like Scrapebox and other tools ? I am sure I will need as much RAM possible.
  12. PeterPan23

    VPS-MART Reviews?

    Hey guys I need to run Scrapebox and some other tools on a remote computer. Has anybody heard of vps-mart? They seem to have very good prices... Thank you!
  13. PeterPan23

    Affordable Good VPS?

    Thank you Richard! Yes I did Google and went through several different hosts but I was looking for something reputable. Honestly the first page or 2nd on Google does not mean much sometimes. This is the reason I asked. But thank you!
  14. PeterPan23

    Affordable Good VPS?

    Hello, I am looking for a good affordable Windows VPS. Fast and at least 4gb of RAM Thank you!