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  1. Like above Facebook is great for this sort of thing, if you are good with camera make a video and promote on YouTube. I think if you do it right this may also do ok on Reddit too, hope these help. Just don't spam Reddit, they will jump on you like a pack of wolves
  2. Roundup posts are a great way to get your numbers up! I have used this on numerous occasions something like 30 Internet Marketers you must follow. Give it a quick boost on FB Ads $5 spent could get you over 100 likes and shares easily! Then when the marketers share can really make the post viral. Great work mate
  3. JoeElliott

    5 Data-Backed List Building Strategies From Top Experts

    Great strategies here, I would like to add one - Use your About Page to encourage leads. Be personal tell your story and then at the bottom of your page, pitch your lead magnet with optin-form. This has worked for me before, subscribers like to know they are dealing with a human and not just an autoresponder. Plus we all love a good story! Thanks again for this Joe