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  1. Do you normally export the whole database or just the content? I assume you are doing this via php myadmin.
  2. I do not see anything that the last few years would somehow make unworkable but I also interested if you have had to modify your approach at all.
  3. I went ahead and changed the date on the posts I had that are ranking on the first page. Now I will just have to wait and see what the results are.
  4. It does seem that if you are using your videos to get the viewers to take some type of action like go to a landing page that having ads on the video would get in the way of that. Ads would be a better fit for videos where watching the video is the point of the video.
  5. ADA Compliance for Websites?

    They will not be making any kind of ruling until sometime next year so it is going to be awhile before we know anything for sure
  6. Do most of you guys use multiple lead magnets for the same sites and niches?
  7. here is another one https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11432-effective-e-commerce-link-building-strategies-examples/
  8. Looks like you missed this one in your master thread
  9. Do most of you who hire VAs hire them from off shore or locally and if off shore what countries do you hire them from?
  10. I would have guessed that there were more of them the last few months but one a month is not really that many. Very convenient having them all in one place like that.