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  1. Are you interested in possible purchasing the site? Or did you want some fresh ideas for your new site?
  2. Up for sale I have a super nice kitchen website. It comes with a basic Twitter and Facebook page. I worked on the site some years ago and it made great affiliate sales at Amazon as it is very targeted. Proof of sales will be provided. I have not worked on it for awhile but it still makes a few sales here and there. It is great also for affiliate offers such as As Seen on TV. I got into another project and it is taking all my time so am selling most of my sites. 1. Domain name push at Namecheap 2. 30 days to move the site 3. Facebook/Twitter 4. .com name 5. List of keywords going for $250 or best offer. PM me...thanks!
  3. You obviously are not aware of the changes Squidoo has made in the past months.
  4. *****SOLD***** Super nice acne skin care website for sale. I am cutting back on my sites to focus on my eBook Publishing. Site has made about $1000 in the past from CPA, AdSense and Amazon. Site has little traffic now as I have not had time to work on it, but conversion rate from traffic is high. Price is $247. You get: Content rich site with great domain name Clean, easy to work with Wordpress theme Domain name push at Namecheap 30 days to move the site Step by step traffic plan included You can learn more here: http://www.seomenu2go.com/acne-skin-care-site-for-sale/
  5. I am sorry for not updating this thread but I have been super busy publishing on Kindle. Anyway since I originally posted I have sold thousands of copies of my eBooks. One book alone has gotten over 30,000 downloads (free and paid). Several have become best sellers in their category. If you have questions...ask away I will be back to respond and again sorry for the delay.
  6. It is crazy that people still fall for this but they do...
  7. Fitgal

    Hi everyone!

    How are your Kindle Publishing projects going? I am happy to say that since I started with Kindle I have sold thousands of eBooks. It really is a great opportunity!
  8. Fitgal

    Need Help!

    Be social. Dont make it all about yourself or your products. Understand Facebook's Edgerank ....the more people engage with your posts the more it will be seen. So make your posts engaging. Keep them short and interesting. Tweet smart. Retweet and interact with others so they interact with you. Use a free Twitter manager to help manage your tweets like Hootsuite.
  9. Fitgal

    Multiple FB accounts for multiple websites

    I'm a little late on this question but simple can be much easier. If your ten websites are in the same niche I would make ONE umbrella Facebook page for all of them. This page should be made from your personal account where you can manage it without running into issues with FB. By having just one page you can drive traffic, build interest etc. instead of being all over the place.
  10. oops ...I made a mistake when I made the PayPal button and included the cost of the site again as a shipping and handling fee - doubling the cost of the site. There is no shipping and handling fee. The site is one low price.
  11. This is still avaiable - make me an offer. All content on the site is unique and orginal! I will include a huge PLR pack of weight loss articles for link building and at least 6 months of emails with Clickbank products to be used for an auto responder.
  12. *****SOLD***** Established 2009 skin care website. All unique content. It has had a few sales but I have not worked on it in some time so assume no traffic and sales. Easy site to jump in, build some links and potentially profit from. $97 or best offer. http://www.seomenu2go.com/skin-care-website-for-sale/
  13. *****SOLD!***** Up for sale I have an established 2009 Acai Berry Site. At one time this site was making hundreds per month but I stopped working on it to move on to other projects and it needs to be built back up with fresh links. Currently it gets a few odd sales here and there. The site is top notch with all original content and sells quality products. It comes with a list of keywords and a traffic plan: http://www.seomenu2go.com/acai-berry-website-for-sale/ Currently hosted at Hostgator, you have 2 months to move it and name push at Namecheap. Contact me if you want more info.
  14. ***SOLD*** Due to way to many projects, I am selling some of my websites. Acne and acne scars are a major problem for many people. This site helps consumers find a solution to the problem. CPA offers on the site run about $30+ per sale. All original content built in 2009. Articles alone are worth the price of the site. It has made sales in the past but I have not had time to focus on it for some time so assume no sales or traffic. It will need some link building and I will include a copy of my Article Traffic Jackpot product that shares how to build links step by step. You will also get a spreadsheet with acne keywords you may want to optimize for. This will save your hours of time making your own site. Fast and easy transfer. Read more here; http://www.seomenu2go.com/acne-website-for-sale/
  15. Happy Holidays! Hope you are able to enjoy the season with friends and family. Any special plans?