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  1. Best A Class Hosting for 20 Money Sites

    For a starter you should deliver my 125 ip package I upgraded 3 days ago. I have sent 7 tickets and 0 got responded to. Also it seems you answer sales but not support and lie to new customers saying they would get delivered in an hour when you cannot deliver me after 3 days and counting nor even have the decency to answer my support tickets. I would appreciate an immediate response and to get delivered what I paid and compensate for the days I paid but did not enjoy any hosting.
  2. I have pbn sites I have just build with with no further linking in that get indexed fast when new content is added even some have robots txt set to disallow at start and still get indexed...go figure..
  3. IMO "Get Instant Access" relates to the instant gratification that would be enjoyed by the audience. People need to know what they are getting, so this should win over the one with the "Submit" button. In a way this is more or less similar to social media engagements where those who specifically told people to click on their links via "Please 'Like' our page here --> <link>" as opposed to merely "Here's our page"
  4. +1 ! There are many fishes to fry in the sea but it won't help if you are targeting some really rare species. Aim high, and YES goes without saying that authority sites should be built = quality is preferable over building TONS of tiny, run-of-the-mill sites. You aren't targeting only the SEs now, you should aim high and make your site more appealing to HUMANS as well.
  5. You can either: a) hire someone to do the job; OR improve on your copywriting since your site gets decent traffic And do define what do you mean by being absolutely terrible at sales copy? You never know, 'cause you might surprise yourself. Either way, you NEED to know what you want to be able to convey your desires to a copywriter. Giving him/her full reign is one thing, but being more involved in your endeavors is more preferable. That's purely IMHO, btw
  6. PR page question

    It makes a lot of sense or instead create backlinks that link back to your pages.
  7. Don't go cheap as it higher the price and risk
  8. You can do profile backlinking that are related to your industry.
  9. Anybody here knows about WP plugin Backlink Energizer. Because I'm having a hard time maintaining this plugin. Should I proceed on using this WP plug-in or should I delete it? Any suggestions and professionals out there need help
  10. It's not working on me too, for almost half a day and it keep me asking my log in everytime I spin. So, I keep on restarting my PC because I thought TBS is not properly logged out. Then, I try again and still the same. Alternatively, I use the spinwizard as it is free to use using the same TBS log in info and continue my work. Now, it's all back to normal.
  11. tell me how this worked

    Congrats! Live it now....
  12. "Guruism" in SEO

    I agree with you, for example I rank www.example.com with my regular ranking methods...The other site is www.mydomain.com also using my regular methods to rank a website, the two website are a personal blog sites. But sadly, the 2nd site didn't rank well in search engine as I use the same strategy. I don't believe in SEO gurus, only Google does the title of SEO Guru. Is this make sense?