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  1. Cool I would think that they would interfere with each other, being able to use both sounds like a plus
  2. Quick response on the video as this is something new by Google. I would have thought that Rand planned more ahead than this when picking subjects.
  3. There are some pretty useful plugins on the site and the cost is very reasonable most of the time That one does look like a decent choice if you decide to use it let us know how it goes
  4. You should check out the ones on code canyon they have some good premium plugins for some good prices. This membership plugin is a good choice https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-private-content-pro/19888627 but there are some other good ones as well. does a good job and a lot less money then most of the premium choices
  5. Luke Steele

    Google increasing snippets length

    Well that is a good idea and should be easy enough to do.
  6. Looks like google is allowing longer snippets which should be helpful https://searchengineland.com/google-officially-increases-length-snippets-search-results-287596
  7. I think most of your content needs to be on your own site. You only want to put content on social media or other sites like guest posts if you think it will drive enough traffic to be worth it.
  8. Luke Steele

    how to get second facebook account

    Yes I am a bit I knew that sites tracked visitors but not so much how much or how well they do so. Plus I have been thinking that using an ad blocker stopped it but it looks like that is not really the case.
  9. Luke Steele

    how to get second facebook account

    Facebook can tell you are on the same computer even if you use a different browser and IP address?
  10. Going to have to vote for Yoast as well. Good program and good support
  11. My take on only the first link counting is to have your link boxes on the right hand side so they are after the content and put your captions above the images not below.
  12. Interesting method you have in that thread not sure why I had not seen it before but thanks for the link
  13. Luke Steele

    How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    I guess very few people check past the lock symbol in the address bar. If your site has a very large ticket price I would hesitate to spend extra money for the additional verification.
  14. Good article there were some things that I had not been doing. Now I will and hopefully my sites should rand better.