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  1. Steve Backlink Energizer

    BEST Article Spinner/Rewriter?

    Always looking for tools and methods to enhance the Tier 1 content ... care to elaborate on how you are accomplishing this? Staff members - outsourced - software and manual tools ? What if 100s of posts per week are needed?
  2. Steve Backlink Energizer

    301 to inner pages or just to homepage

    A group Ive been in for ages - did a fair bit of testing pre 301 and post 301 - to homepages vs replacement inner pages. Our testing indicated that the homepage ONLY 301 - helped very short term - then it hurt serps after 60 days. Best results were attained by [offsite] 301s to an INNER page that replaced the old pages. Similar but updated content on new inner page was best. As with all things - YMMV ... and attempt at your own risk. Each site and circumstance is different and past performance is NOT a guarantee of future results :-) Best of luck champ!
  3. Seems silly for G to measure the age of the domain vs. wait and measure the link and the link profile age ... in other words inspect the links quite a bit longer before giving them credit for any serps increases.
  4. Steve Backlink Energizer

    Another Link Network Bites the Dust!

    Its more about a question of getting on page one and getting good rankings - and having your white hat weasley competitors cry loud enough to the spam team like the b!t@he$$ they are ... Then google HAS to take notice - especially if its a big brand site. More press for spam queens - errrr teams. If you think any link you build is safe for anythong other than churnnin - you kid yourself. Didnt read the Aaron Wall post about the guy who had google spam team telling him he needed to delete more links and some of them were linked on sites that existed prior to google's existence - LOL F them! To each their own ... public private - double top secret with a GI Joe Cobra Decoder Ring Referral source ... links are a risk. All sites are expendable. Google doesnt give a flying turd about your and your site or your business. Own it - Know It ... Sit on the sidelines and watch the big boys rank and bank - or - grab some sack - some links and get it done. Dont buy the FUD.
  5. Steve Backlink Energizer

    Which Link Removal Service is Good ?

    IMHO - folly and a waste of money. I get their nagigng emails all the time from people who purchased links - and I ignore them and add the *****-holes who send them to known spammers marketing lists. Save your money and build a new site ona a new domain with a new host. Spend the $$$ on Backup Buddy and hosting. 1. If you cant afford to burn the site - dont build ANY links to it 2. Make a network of Feeder sites to linkbuild to. good luck - penguin sucks
  6. Steve Backlink Energizer

    What are you using for rank tracking?

    Rank tracking for hundreds of clients per month with rank tracker can be a proxy nightmare- its not all that great across mutliple google datacenters and i find it cumbersome to maintain clients data in it - as well for my needs Id need to get a 2nd subscription and rent a solid vps to allow my VA's access cuz they aint logging into my personal box. So by the time you add all that ***** up - I have a monthly subscription cost to SERPBook and / or MSM - and they have all the headaches - not me. I also prefer MSM's charting and graphing - now If i could get serpbooks regular updates with better graphs and charting like MSM. Im all set...
  7. Not sure why - but the big missing piece if information in here is the length of time the NEW - Un-Burned sites will last on page one after the redirect ? Testing by a group of seos working together - clearly found the 301 method "worked" - but ohh so temporarily .... This would be pretty good - once you got a feel for the timing: 1. how long till the 1st spammed site would tank 2. how long will it take to rank after the 301 3. how many 301's does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop! errr... OR on page 1 - top positions Knowing those would allow you to kick some ass on some launch jakking and other stuff - but for mainstay affiliate stuff - jsut seems too annoying to recycle that shtuff all the time. and .. at what point do all the 301's start to no longer matter? 3 301's ? 50 301's ? 2 301's ? Where are the diminishing returns [ you'll have to seek that for yourself - but more and more doesnt HELP ] there is a point of diminishing returns on how many 301s help the site rank. Happy testing and ... burn on and git yer churn on ....
  8. Perhaps true .. however; from my limited experiences there - the vast majority of users seem to rather prefer animated images of "little boys" without pants ... Really not sure I understand the infatuation with animated gif landmines in every thread but ...
  9. Well at least im mommies basement its harder for her to see lil Johnnie gettin d*ck rolled 12x a day ...
  10. Richard, I missed th part about hte new blogs each mth ... where do you see that ? I saw this http://screencast.com/t/K4yfvHsH In conjunction with her thread reply - i think you may have the worng idea about this service and the amount of blogs ya get ... http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/812846-unique-search-engine-optimization-get-your-own-private-blog-network-100-pure-whitehat-search-engine-optimization-get-top-rankings-last.html#post8269856 as well - what beeeyatch to transferr a created site ...
  11. Clearly an ill concieved offer doomed ot fail. Build me a bunch of blogs with high PR and get them hosted and what not - and then keep charging me - to get articles written and posted to said [ max 20 ] sites for $400+ a mth? I ddint spend a lot of time dissecting SoniaB's offer in detail but thought it an odd model ...
  12. Scipio ... A clients USA site that was just rockin - moving up the serps and in hte teens for some good terms ...
  13. And when done right and with enough zeal - they make for some sexaaaay ass Double Listings on page 1 ;-)
  14. Steve Backlink Energizer

    Vertical Adsense ads disappeared today

    vellly interestink! I will keep an eye out for it ... thx for the heads up ...
  15. Double listings - homepage and silo top are also rather deliscious ...