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  1. Every SEO specialist might feel overwhelmed from time to time because of their constant effort to see the outcome. It is a long term commitment. There are no shortcuts and you must look for future results, not present ones. We’ve compiled a checklist of the most important SEO tasks you should validate to keep your site clean and pretty. All your hard work shouldn’t catch dust. You must verify your site regularly and evaluate whether all your effort was worth it. Check this list and start boosting your website: Clean Your Site of Duplicate Content Track Keywords – Craft a List of Keywords to Verify Rankings Define a Core Keyword for Each Page Keep Unique and Relevant Title Tags Within Your Website Write Meta Description with Less Than 156 Characters Use Keywords in the Title Tags and Headings for Better Content Optimization Keep the URL as Short as Possible Optimize Images with Descriptive ALT Tags Write Competitive Content Frequently to Stay on Top Have a Blog and Write Smart Content Frequently Monitor Your Backlinks’ Naturalness Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Optimized (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Optimize Your Site for a Fast Load Speed Time Diagnose Your Site with Google Search Console Tools Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console Monitor Your Site’s Indexation Status Focus on Your Audience’s Demographics Keep Your Returning Users Under the Magnifying Glass Setup Your Goals in Google Analytics Local SEO: Attract Local Customers You should track and evaluate your SEO work to make sure you see some results. Always try to improve and strive to clean the site of bad links, broken pages, crawl errors, bad implementation techniques. Metrics are important even though nobody likes to keep track of them.
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    PayPal - Bank Account

    I can not add my bank accounts in my PayPal. Help me! thanks
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    Can we use links in our article content?

    Yes you can use.. for 500 words article you can use 2 links that will be better.