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  1. Write the name of your site at the back of your van. That always works Also, sites like Reddit has helped me a lot to build traffic.
  2. Here is the list of some of the most powerful keyword research tools: Google Keyword Planner (this is free, however, Google is changing policies and now it only allows a restricted number of searches) SemRush (they have a 15 days trial) Long Tail Pro (the trial version cost $7 for 7 days) Keyword Spy Market Samurai (not very used anymore, it used to be powerful in 2012) SpyFu WordTracker Any of these tools will help you to do proper market research.
  3. I can see that everybody is talking about Canva, well, yes, it is very good and it has many free features. But if you want something more sophisticated, I would opt for free software, my favourites are: - Inkscape - Gimp Both of them are free and there are plenty of tutorial out there to learn how to use. Good luck!
  4. Planning to buy Lon Tail pro. is it good?

    Long Tail Pro is currently the best tool in the market for keyword research. Market Samurai used to be the best 5 years ago, but it didn't keep up adding new features. If you finally decided to go for Long Tail Pro, be aware that to make the best out of it, it's recommended to combine with any other "free" keyword research tools like the Keyword Planner from Google Adwords. Long Tail Pro is not only useful for finding unexplored niches, but also to do proper link building. Any question about the software, just ask me :-)
  5. Thank you for sharing! I have been running more than 3 ads in some pages for more than 5 years and I've never had a problem, but knowing that this is already official make things much easier. Do you know since when this is official?
  6. AdSense Optimization - How?

    It really depends on the niche, yes. Let's do a small exercise: Niche 1: Authority Site, it is your own brand and you need to increase the trusting of your readers. Niche 2: Site where people go just to grab some information and then leave in less than 2 minutes (for example, a weather forecast site) For Niche 1, the Adsense strategy of adding a lot of ads will NOT work. You will annoy your readers and therefore reduce trusting (the CTR will stay similar) For Niche 2, the strategy will work very well. Not only you will increase the odds of a click, but you are helping your audience to move forward to another related website that they might be interested (and you will receive the click).