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  1. My main authority site which has cruised through all previous Google updates over the past year or so untouched has taken quit a hit from the latest Google Panda update. I'm working on making improvements to the site but I'm stuck at something. Is there a way in Google Analytics where I can identify specific keywords/pages that have lost the most traffics? Finding the worst affected pages would give me a good place to start improvements.
  2. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    Now you're being silly. This forum isn't all about spamming Google. It's a marketing/SEO forum. Of course let's share and help each other out with our online efforts, but think about what you're sharing sometimes.
  3. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    Do you know that Matt Cutts visits this forum and other internet marketing/SEO forums? In fact, he will be following this thread to see what kind of impact his updates are having, and more importantly, what people are doing to get round them. If an effective spam ranking strategy is outed on a forum Matt will pick it apart and shut it down. Keeping quiet is sensible. This update finished off a few of my smaller sites, but one of my large white hat sites remains unaffected.
  4. I was just wondering how you deal with comment spam on your sites, do you recommend any plugins? Getting sick of having to go through tons of comment spam to find the legit comments. Comment spam is getting worse every day now.
  5. Thin Content Penalty

    How does your backlink profile look? What makes you think it's a "thin content penalty"? If all on page factors are clean then look at off page. A page can violate Googles guideline with links. no sneaky redirects.. no automatically generated content.. no doorway pages.. no scraped content.. no cloaking no link schemes <<---
  6. Don't think twitter links would have that much power, plus aren't they 'no follow' More than likely a flux in rankings as Penguin 1 was rolling out. I had around 5 sites hit by Penguin 1 and they were jumping back and forth from 'not in top 100' to page one over a few days. More than likely your site experienced the same kind.
  7. On Page SEO?

    Keyword in the meta description and in the first 100 words is not required or a ranking factor. There's also no need to use LSI keywords. Simply placing the keyword in the title and mentioning it on page is all that you really need.
  8. Getting Slow Rolled By Google

    Have you been building links with keyword anchor text?
  9. "Keyword" powered by phpbb "Keyword" powered by smf "Keyword" powered by vbulletin "Keyword" powered by PunBB "Keyword" forum
  10. Overdoing internal keyword anchor text can hurt your rankings, badly. Imagine you have a weight lose related website and every page on your site links back to the home page with the anchor text "how to lose weight". This is a serious red flag and an obvious attempt to boost rankings. It's completely unnatural. Doing this helped years ago, but not now. You must have a varied and natural internal linking structure. Yes, Wikipedia has many internal links, but they do it in a natural way that's helpful to the user, not for targeting keywords to rank. I only use internal linking if it makes sense and helps the reader.
  11. How do you know it's been rolled out?
  12. I've seen this happen a few times where they switch between 2 data sets/results. It'll probably be a week or two before things completely settle again.
  13. Same, seeing pre 6th results now. Don't know if it will last though. I remember when penguin first rolled out, sites jumped back for a bit, then everything dropped again. There's a big Panda and Penguin update rolling out this week so I expect a lot of fluctuations.
  14. Penguin was more about over optimised keyword anchor text and not enough branding sygnals. No word about the update that rolled out on the 6th, though. Anyway, this Penguin update will be interesting.