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  1. I checked out the post you linked to and it is an interesting method. I responded to the post since it is 4 years old and update would be cool.
  2. You linked to this from the other thread but it is a few years old. Is this still working for you?
  3. Thanks guys I will try those out first and see how they work for me.
  4. Do any of you have a preference when it comes to these testing tools? Hard to say just from reading the article which ones are the best
  5. SoRene

    What are the best sites for online work?

    Thanks for the replies. I will have to check out the sites and see which ones are the best fit for me.
  6. Thanks guys I have only been using 1-2 and was wondering if maybe I should use more of them.
  7. How many images do you guys use in your blog posts? Also do you create your own or use stock photos?
  8. Anyone have a suggestion on which of the tools listed would be the best choice?
  9. SoRene

    What are the best sites for online work?

    What kind of work do you look for at freelancer? The same type of thing you would use fiverr for or something different?
  10. Richard's idea about checking out your competition is a good one I have used it multiple times. Just to be sure to check out a number of sites and not just a couple of them, I usually check out all the sites on the top 2 pages.
  11. Like Jeff I have thought about it but I have not really taken any action to move in that direction. It is on my list but pretty far down.
  12. Are most of you creating your AMP pages manually or using plugins to do it? Or even are many of you doing AMP pages at all?
  13. For your money and even PBN sites yes but if you try and use only manually written content for all your tiers and backlinking you would run out of money or time very quickly.
  14. SoRene

    Buffer sites

    Thanks for all the input and ideas I am going to take a shot at buying a couple sites and see how it goes.