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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your tutorial with us. I`m sure the newbies here will have a lot to learn. Keep up the good work
  2. I have worked for them in the past, designing t-shirts and using PPC campaigns on Facebook to help sell the shirts. You will need some money for testing at the beginning. For example, I needed about 15 failed campaigns until I started to see a profit.
  3. Well, when you say good, the cost shouldn`t come in mind. The best that money can buy should be the thing.
  4. How to get sites indexed in Google quickly?

    PA and DA are 3rd party useless metrics. The sooner you realize this the better it will be for your IM career
  5. How to get sites indexed in Google quickly?

    Any luck with the indexing of your site? You didn`t respond to any of our comments. It seems weird to me that you are an "link building expert" but can`t index a website
  6. Facebook ADs - Do they Work?

    The problem is not necessarily with Facebook ads, the problem is with people not knowing how to use Facebook Ads. For example, OP said she targeted "young male adults", I wouldn`t say this is a group that converts too well.
  7. That`s an interesting piece of information. I was always an advocate of long copy (because you can always do a better SEO job with a long copy), but seems this notion contradicts my thinking. It`s weird how the long information article performed better but the buyers didn`t even read it to the end. There`s psychology for you...
  8. How to increase you emails open rate?

    Interesting point of view. But in my opinion there are more factors that contribute to the increase of your open rate. Instead of writing a kilometer long post, I will give you the link to an article I found. This article has helped me in the past to increase my email open rate. Here is the link: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242799
  9. I think that knowing who your clients are and knowing how to target your audience is the most important part of internet marketing. If you don`t know how to target your audience you will lose your time and even your money if you are using a PPC campaign. No point in trying to sell a cake to a vegan audience, am I right? Thanks for sharing this article with us.
  10. What is your best traffic source?

    So you are one of the people that are spamming the forums to get your signature across? How much traffic are you getting from this method?
  11. increase my adsense cpc

    I don`t think that this can be done because that is not the way Adsense works. Adsense displays ads on your website depending on your visitors way of surfing the web. Depending on the surfing habits ads from different niches appear and as we know different niches pay different money. So in order to control the CPC you will need to control the surfing behavior of your visitors.
  12. How to get sites indexed in Google quickly?

    This is weird. You have gone the long way but may I ask you if you have tried the obvious method: Submitting your sitemap to Google. Each time I want to index a website I just submit the sitemap and boom, the website is indexed.
  13. Best source of traffic

    How old is your website? There aren`t many secrets here. You just need allot of patience. The best source of traffic is YOUR CONTENT. Your main objective of your website should be to create content that will respond to the needs of your visitors. If you think about it, at their core websites should be sources of information, nothing less and nothing more. After you create your content all the rest (social media, SEO etc) should be viewed as areas where you need to do tweaks.
  14. Interesting...thanks for clarifying the matter. Competitors that could wreck havoc in your SEO, that`s an interesting idea to sleep on tonight )
  15. If you are an online business why not try to rank for the whole country? As people said above, it will be harder because you don`t have a local address, but it won`t be impossible. Just do SEO like you would do for a global website and add "from Los Angeles" to your keywords. In theory it should be easier because you are targeting long tail keywords. Have you considered a geographical targeted PPC campaign?