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  1. What is the career in SEO ?

  2. Is Making Affiliate Sites Considered a Business?

    Of course it is a business, but so is selling ice to eskimos. What I'm saying is, just because something is considered a business doesn't mean your business will deliver a profit, or sanity. My suggestion to you is to run as quickly as possible away from Affiliate Marketing as Google has made it harder and harder for affiliates to make money and this trend will only continue. Create products that are valuable for people and let other people become affiliates for YOU. Doesn't that sound like a better deal?
  3. Why I'm leaving SEO (sort of)

    If Google wiped out your entire income in one month, you weren't doing SEO. You were just spamming. True, all spam is SEO, but all SEO is not spam.
  4. Private Blog Network Guide?

    I sell the guide, but not publicly. PM me. Brandon
  5. Nope, I never told you to sell services. What I told you was, "When everyone is digging for gold, sell shovels." In the TrafficPlanet world, yes, that translates to selling services. But that phrase can guide you to creating a whole host of different products and services that have nothing to do with stuff you'd find here in BST. The projects I have going on here selling services is just one piece of the puzzle, but all my projects follow that same philosophy. What I meant was, when everyone is going in the same direction, try to find a neglected niche off to the side somewhere with less competition. And if you can't think of any service that is legit and works, and feel like you'd be "conning people" by selling them, then I think internet marketing is the least of your concerns right now. In any case, I tried. Good luck.
  6. So many internet marketers are terrified of getting a 9-5 job, but if a 9-5 job is what you need to give you the income and peace of mind to create something truly valuable, then that 9-5 job is one of your biggest assets. In any case, stick with the perennial truth: if you want to earn $1,000,000, create $1,000,000 worth of value. Stop trying to make money and focus on making value. If you do your homework and pick your niche wisely, and then manage to create value in a way that nobody has before, it's practically impossible not to make money out of it. I PM'ed you several months ago, KM. You didn't really follow up with me or anything after that PM--that's fine. But you might want to re-read it, because it was a turning point in my IM career. Good luck.
  7. What Is Your Biggest Mistake in IM

    If I could start SEO all over again, I would attack it with a 2 pronged approach: 1) Pure blackhat, churn-and-burn sites (e.g. payday loans, car insurance, etc.) 2) Whitehat assets that rely only marginally on SEO (1) would support (2), and (2) would support me.
  8. What Is Your Biggest Mistake in IM

    Forgetting that what I'm trying to make is time, not money.
  9. SEOmoz now Moz - What do you guys think?

    I just want to know how much they paid for the domain name "moz.com." Must have been a shiny penny.
  10. Penguin 2.0

    Google won't ever be able to determine with absolute accuracy whether a single backlink is spam or not, but one day it will be fairly trivial for them to determine whether a backlink profile is spammy. Run with the herd and get slaughtered with the herd.
  11. PR table, opinions please

    Give me five PR4 links over 1 PR5 link any day.
  12. This is where you lost me. I sincerely hope you're not ranking the websites of real brick-and-mortar businesses with Fiverr spam. I'm just going to assume you're not doing that. And if you are, that probably explains why rankings aren't lasting very long for you.
  13. Where to find legitimate eBook Writers?

    The books are in the career niche--teaching people how to become certain types of business owners (i.e. dentists, wedding cake designers, event planners, etc). They are varied topics, so I'm just looking for a method or technique that people have used to track down experts who are proficient writers.
  14. Hey all, Looking to get eBooks written on all kinds of topics but I'm not looking for the regular $1/100 words crap from people in India. I'm looking for legitimate experts in their fields, preferably in the U.S., who aren't afraid to charge well for their writing but who will deliver quality work. I'm not looking for college grads who can research topics. I'm looking for people with real-life experience doing the things I need them to write about. I've tried Elance but...meh. Underwhelming to say the least. Don't even get me started on the swamp that is oDesk. Thanks!
  15. But the difference between PR and Moz metrics is this: a site with 100 legitimate PR4 backlinks is a PR4. I buy domains religiously and I can assure you that a site without a PR5 or above link will never be PR5, regardless of how many PR4 links are pointing to it. Moz takes this into account. Me and you both know that there are strong PR4s and weak PR4s. Of course, you'll eventually figure out which is which by looking at the backlinks, but Moz already does the work for you. Some PR4s are PA20 and some are PA60. You get more information using Moz metrics.