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  1. Is this work on Windows Server 2008? Who is founder of this software and can I contact him?
  2. How to get sites indexed in Google quickly?

    I simply write some article, add it to various social site and then manually add it to google webmaster then they index it after one or two days. I do not recommended to use quick method. Slow method goes for long time.
  3. I was generated a targeted traffic from Reddit by joining my niche related group but traffic was not convert easily in customer so I can say it is only good for getting real traffic and you can earn via advertisement or affiliate, etc. Reddit is really good source for getting traffic from 50 to 200+ visitors however its depend on your article. If goes viral then you will get lots of traffic..
  4. Master card payment refused?

    Hello, I am from India and none of "Master card" work with PayPal. Anyone facing similar issue? I try to make a payment but got error like "Payment refused by card issuer" Any help or clue? I contact my bank but still in queue. Thanks.
  5. I am owner of a web hosting company and manage lot of server. I am happy to join this forum.
  6. Best tool is photoshop for infographic, I am completely new to design but recently I create a simple but good infographic for my website advertisement. I was create this in 2 hours and chose ligh colors. My design is not good but I chose very light and grey color so its not look like ugly. +1 for PS.
  7. Is Bing DYING? -- Or Killing Sites?

    I think bing is not dying and one day it will takeover google. There is a reason that why I say bing will takeover google. Lot of peoples prefer to use bing.
  8. Marketing Automation Startup

    You can use facebook, twitter and many other social site and adword. Allow peoples to subscribe your site newsletter so when your product will launch then you can send a email to them.
  9. Simply post tutorials related to your business and it will rank or at lest you will get few clicks, promote your video on forums and blog to get more clicks and it will rank higher.
  10. Register your business in google and be active in forums specially on LA forums, blogs and purchase advertisement in newpapers. Also register domain name on name of LA, promote it and do SEO for at lest 6 month then your keyword will be rank in google but its a really hard, not so easy.