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  1. Stylistic devices won't affect your SEO, however, if we are talking about readers interest and attracting their attention, the richer your language the better.
  2. Hi guys, These are the techniques I am using for SEO but not getting the desired results. Please suggest which technique should be given more importance? 1. Article submission 2. Forum Posting 3. Blog commenting 4. Blog Writing 5. Directory Submission 6. Social Bookmarking One more thing please suggests is there any limit of postings? I think now SEO results are like hit and Trial. Please give your valuable suggestions. Thanks
  3. How to increase you emails open rate?

    Thank you for the article, I agree with you. But I'd also mention that name of sender is very important. If you send from a company, it's better to personalize and write the name of the person, it can even be imaginary person. But this way you'll make people feel they are talking to a person.
  4. When I write guest posts on different blogs is it ok if they are the same? how do this influence on seo?
  5. And what about free tools? Or is it better not to use free tools for such purposes?