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  1. I have been using wordfence, I guess I will go ahead and install sucuri as well since having both is not a problem.
  2. Buying existing popular plugins and using them to deliver malware to WordPress sites. I did not know this was even a thing which increase my paranoia quite a bit. I can see why the hackers do this as it is probably effective as hell. That. Just. Sucks.
  3. Google "Rich Results" Testing Tool

    Seems to only support a very small number of result types. How useful this is going to be depends on how quick Google increases the types of sites it will support.
  4. At first look it seems bad but my guess Google did this because nobody was scrolling down to the lower results anyway. It is probably why there is a difference in how many the results are showing with more results being show for results being show for the search terms that searches clicked farther down and less where they do not.
  5. Gmail sending GetResponse to spam folder

    If you guys have not seen this thread you might want to check it out. https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11862-found-a-good-testing-tool-for-your-emails/
  6. Found a good testing tool for your emails

    I can see this being useful when running into delivery problems.
  7. Thanks I will check them out.
  8. Looking for some info on doing solo ads. Do they work well? Where is a good place to find info on sellers? Basically any info that would be helpful.
  9. What are the best sites for online work?

    When I have needed WordPress work done I have used WP Hired.
  10. I tried this on a website which ranks for multiple keywords in the top 3 and while I am not seeing any rankings increase I am seeing between 5 and 15% traffic increase. This does support the thought that people like to click on more recent articles.
  11. Thread #1 https://trafficplanet.com/topic/5709-my-big-2013-live-google-less-traffic-generation-experiment/?p=73342 Thread #2 https://trafficplanet.com/topic/10983-update-21-feb-2017-foot-in-the-door-non-seo-local-marketing-services/ There are also some good ideas in other threads in the Traffic Generation without Google section
  12. Migrating sites to WordPress

    There are plugins that say they do the job. The html one has not been updated in awhile so not sure how well it will work with a new install. https://wordpress.org/plugins/fg-drupal-to-wp/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/import-html-pages/
  13. I do not imagine it would be all that hard. Key on a the positive and negative words like Richard said. Most social media content is not as complicated has less content then you would normally find on a website which should make it easier to an algorithm to judge the meaning of the post.