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  1. 5 Data-Backed List Building Strategies From Top Experts

    These are very good list building strategies. Have you ever read about list building via surveys? I have found that by creating a simple interactive survey that dynamically changes according to the users input (on whatever the topic may be) and then offering opt'ns like Houw Much Do You kNow about this subject? Would you like to learn more? etc. do two things A) It builds a very targeted list for marketing purposes B)It also provides you an opportunity to learn and know more about the person than just their email.
  2. It depends on what I am promoting what I do. If it is more commercial stuff then I do double opt'ins for the site. If it is more how to make money type of niches or products then single opt'n will do.
  3. How to increase you emails open rate?

    The best subject line is Hi or hey, though it would be against ICAN sending promtions using only that. But if you Black hat it, then it does not matter.
  4. Is Email Marketing Ending

    Email marketing is still very alive and well.
  5. Knock Knock... Hey guys. New to this forum but have been in IM and development for a decade. Wanted to introduce myself and contribute here. So if you have any questions or need help with anything just let me know as I would be more than happy to offer my insight on this forum for almost any subject dealing with IM or web development.
  6. Free PHP Hosting for Small Businesses/Blogs/Websites (No Ads)

    Whats the server up time and speed specs like?
  7. Anyone has monetized a plug-in?

    Its tough road starting from scratch, but yes can be done. Takes a lot of determination and focus.
  8. you would be better to find domains that expired which had a lot of traffic. use way back machine recreate similar content then push traffic to your money site. People should stop focusing on metrics and focus on whats important i.e traffic.
  9. This is a cool tool idea. Do I need a majestic account to use this?
  10. I think OP is looking for a way to verify things via text message (when required) that goes through alternative methods rather than a phone etc.
  11. Best Social Media Management Tool

    Hootesuite is the one I would recommend going with. Especially if you want good management abilities at a good rate.