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  1. Quality SEO Reseller Service Provider?

    Here's my 2 cents. There are a good number of them on FB groups. Anywhere to mid-size to larger SEO Reseller companies. If you like PM me for the info.
  2. If you look around and do a search on Facebook, you will find FB Teespring groups that you could join. You will also see people discussing strategies that work for them. Hope that helps. Good luck!
  3. Best source of traffic

    Using a combo of Google Alerts with Buzzbundle gives me a heads up on where my target audience resides. I then go into those forums/blogs/sites and help in any way I can and provide a guide or helpful post from my site that is relevant to those posts. Good source of relevant traffic.
  4. Keyword Research Tool

    Another vote for Long Tail Pro. Market Samurai in another good tool, but not as fast as LTP nor has the ability to check the competition metrics of multiple domains at the same time. Alternatively, just use the FREE Google keyword planner.
  5. I would suggest ranking for multiple long tail keywords (they will be easier to rank) even for a Metro city as Los Angeles. Even if each kw has a small amount of traffic, the total of all those long tails will give you a good amount of traffic. Another tactic that would work, is rank for sub cites and communites in Los Angeles that are in close proximity to your target area. Hollywood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, etc.
  6. Backlink Tool?

    Yes, Ahrefs currently is the best. But you could also combine all the rest of the major backlink tools, since some will have what others won't. My list: Ahrefs MajesticSEO Moz OSE Backlink Watch SEO Spyglass
  7. All great suggestions above. I would also add, to treat your PBNs like if it was a real site. If you have that mindset, then you shouldn't trip up any red flags. I for one, design each and every one of my sites or my clients pbns as if they were legitimate sites. Quality content, great design, great structure, etc. They are designed that way, so that if anyone would happen to land on them they would not know the difference. More work, yeah, but I think they should last for a long time.
  8. I do SEO for clients. What has worked for me is to partner with similar biz's to mine. In my case, website designers or computer repair biz's. Why? Because they already have a client list that I can tap into. Since the trust has already been established between those businesses, it is an easier sale to make. Much better than cold calling or knocking on doors. It's a win - win for all. Hope this helps.
  9. Google Hates Slow Websites

    Increase Site speed = Good user experience. Makes sense. Of course, there are many other factors that G would take in consideration (site content, quality links, etc.), but I would think speed would be one of the more important ones.
  10. Hey Guys I am using Ezee Rank Tracking. Didn't want to spend the monthly that other tools charge. This tool fits my needs. Track G, Yahoo and Bing along with daily updated ranking changes delivered to my email or my clients. Not bad for a one-time charge. Hope this helps.
  11. Blog commenting has worked for me. Just got to make sure you are not spamming those blogs. Offer quality tips and info and help out whenever you can and you should be golden. I verified the traffic by using spreadsheets keeping stats on the sites I post to along with Google analytics and or Clicky. I definitely see results.
  12. Buzzbundle does work. I too have the software. Took it for a bit of a spin. Targeted my niche and the next morning had some links to blogs, social media sites, etc. on where to post to. You could also try Google Alerts it's free.