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    New Panda/Data Push today?

    I think that most of these networks let people post total crap, scraped content or duplicates and that's what google doesn't like. If the posted articles provided at least a minimum value for the reader, google would not deindex it. The thing is that some quality control person at google is making searches and checking the results. When he discovers a garbage page, he will try to sniff out other similar pages to get rid of the big pile of garbage (network). I think this part of the task may be automated or semi-automated. It's not that complicated to do that. Even if you hide your footprint really well, the posted garbage content and link structures will indirectly lead them to the pile of garbage. I could probably write an algorithm to sniff out a blog network in a day (if I had an access to google's link data), so I can only image what the much smarter guys at google can do! So, I think the solution is to: Keep the network membership small! Do quality control of posts Anything free or cheap is low quality and will be abused by tons of people with garbage content that google is fighting hard The bottom line is: Does your content provide any value to the reader? If not, then google will sniff it out and deindex it sooner or later.
  2. I would say it was somewhere around 7%. The problem is that the bank hits you with a chargeback of $20 and scammers usually get 30% of the sale. So you get hit hard and on the top the victim reports you as a scamer all over the internet, BBB and police. When contacting ClixGalore and ShareASale about it, it's amazing that nobody really cares about the fact that crime was committed and they don't really treat it seriously and do very little to prevent it. It looks like they accept anyone who can fill in an online form as an affiliate. I guess you really have to babysit the transactions and check them all every single day which I did not do.
  3. Probably worth $50 if you ask me. Sad, if someone bought it for $10k
  4. I've been offering affiliate program at ShareASale or ClixGalore for my physical products but found out that: There's a plenty of scam, affiliates buy products with stolen cards and collect affiliate commissions. This has happened to the point that a victim called police and accussed our company of fraudent charges on her credit card. So I had to explain to the police detective what affiliate marketing is how it works and that my company is not the scamer but the victim. ClixGalore and ShareASale don't give a sh**t about how damaging this is to my company and almost do nothing to prevent it. Do you guys have any ideas on how to prevent this? Babysit and verify every transaction?
  5. JC. that's interesting observation! Actualy, at some point, (like 3 years ago) I had the opposite point of view, and actually cloaked all my shopping carts on my websites, so that google wont be able sniff them out I did that to make my website appear less comercial, so that people seaching just for information (not a product) will find my websites. I bet google measures "comercial intent" and applies it somehow. BTW: I own > 3,000 domains and can provide a several domains to hamer to death if you guys are interested in experimenting on them.
  6. Could you elaborate please?
  7. it's 2012 not 1999 ! They can partially render the page using css engine that will tell them the positions of the elements on page and their algorithm can "look" at the layout. Google employs very smart geeks who can figure out this, don't sell them short :-) What they are trying to filter out are built for "adsense sites" that basicly have no content above the fold, just ADs visible. If you have a website like that, you should worry, otherwise nothing to wory about! I would suspect they check this only for "suspect" websites because it may be CPU heavy.
  8. Insurgo, remove the dot at the end of your url, I got a really interesting 404 from Fiverr! I just placed an order to test your service. Rob
  9. Great Point! I totally agree. While the White Hat guys are waiting for good links to come, the Black Hat guys are busy counting money at the bank. If making money is the objective then I think the experiment should include commercial website, not a non-profit high school. I think google measures "commercial intent" in keywords and websites and it may make a hudge difference. I do think that large amounts of non-commercial links can send a non-commercial website to the google heaven while large amounts of comercial links to commercial website to the google hell. Does the keyword have a commercial intent or is the keyword non-commercial related to the high school?
  10. You can't run A for a few weeks and then switch to B because there may be other factors such as quality of your traffic that may change at any moment and spoil the experiment. That's why you definitely need to randomly display A or B to a visitor. Google weboptimizer is what you need. It's free and it's not that dificult to use, it's a copy and paste javascript.
  11. Wow, I didn't know that. Do you work for Google? To me it seems like AGE of links is what matter. And domain age is strongly collerated with age of links pointing to it, so it does matter in my opinion. Actually google applied for this patent: http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PG01&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=%2220050071741%22.PGNR.&OS=DN/20050071741&RS=DN/20050071741 It's a good reading, of course we can't be sure what they use or don't use currently. But they do talk quite a bit about AGE of links and documents and Age distribution of links.
  12. ARVolund, great reading and experiment! I do believe that quality beats quantity over period of time. I've seen that many times. The problem may be that there are so many variables, that it's very hard to test and make correct conclusions. If I worked for google as a programmer, I would write some algorithm like: If WEBSITE=OLD and WEBSITE=NON_COMMERCIAL THEN increase_page_rank_no_matter_what(); else If WEBSITE=NEW and WEBSITE=COMMERCIAL and LINKS_7_DAYS > AVERAGE and LINKSQUALITY=LOW THEN send_to(GOOGLE_HELL); Of course they may be hundreds or thousands of variables, filters and conditions that only a few employees in Google know and change them all the time. That's why impossible to reverse engineer Google's algorithm because it's constantly changing. I think your experiment is great, but you can only make a conclusion about what happened in this one particular case and can not extrapolate any generic rules from it. It's like a giving a drug to one patient see him get healthy and conclude the drug is safe to use for everyone Anyways, great experiment, keep the data flowing! Rob
  13. Hi there. I think you should not accept an article with grammar errors. You can mix the slave and master articles together, it really does not matter too much. If you have a great master artile, the slave rewrites will be a decent quality too. You can then mix paragraphs and do some LIGHT synonym spinning and you end up with some really decent articles for your second level sites. Most people do spinning totally wrong and polute the internet with garbage and give bad name to article spinning. If you spin it right you can have a quality articles that actually provide good info for readers and are easy to read too. Good luck! Rob
  14. Yeah, you are right, they may not be willing to give you credit card, but they will probably give you email for exchange for the free info. Or take some kind of "Social Action" Yeah, I love those. The thing is that I've seen so many people say "Facebook Ads can be really profitable these days." but with no real proof whatsoever.
  15. Does anyone here have a recent experience with FaceBook ads? I tried that about 5 years ago, just when FaceBook ads came out. I was advertising seduction related product for young men. I loved the fact I could select the demographics so well. I spend $500 and got about 2000 clicks to my website with no sale! While traffic from other sources was converting at about 1%. FaceBook was a total bust for me, and I have never repeated it since then. I just assumed that FaceBook people are in the mood of kicking tires, not purchasing products. So do you guys have a different experience?