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  3. Talukdar


    Nice to meet you and welcome to this forum. Hope you are doing well.
  4. Talukdar

    Your favorite Apps

    I would like to know your favorite apps. Please share.
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful post. I think that Social Media is the best place to gather traffic. Now SMM works better than SEO to get traffic in a short time.
  6. In my opinion Real Madrid will be the winner of this year Champions League. What do you think, who will be the winner?
  7. You can try on freelancing sites like Upwork. You can easily find a lot of good writers on these freelancing sites. My suggestion is to take a look on him feedback, before hiring someone.
  8. Talukdar

    what holds people back online?!

    In my opinion patience and good strategy. Most of the people try to follow short-cut way to achieve success. It is one of the reason of failing.
  9. Talukdar

    Introducing my self

    Nice to meet you faysal chowdhury and welcome to this forum. You can learn a lot about affiliate marketing from this forum.
  10. There are many places to find good writer. You can take a look on freelancing sites like Upwork . I suggest you to take look on his reviews before hiring him.
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    The Wordpress Security Thread

    Very informative and helpful post RIchard.Thanks for sharing your knowledge about wordpress security thread.
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    New here, well sort of....

    Good to have you back here again.Hope that you will stay put and obtain your goal...
  13. A very long but informative post.Good one to understand Unibot completely.Thanks for sharing.
  14. Good one,but you can try this one too KWFinder.com
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    Hello from me

    Hello Mike, Nice to meet you.Hope that you will be able to contribute to this forum by sharing your knowledge.