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  1. Domain providers. Please send me you domain list with metrics. PM me first.
  2. Thank you Richard for giving detailed answer, it really means a lot to me. I'm on the same page with you on third parties given staistics based just on amount of links, and was looking for some advice from you on those that goes deeper and maybe checking quality of links too. If you know any of those I will highly appreciate if you can share any off those who does and you can trust them. Regarding domains you exactly right, I do checking those in order to buy them.
  3. Thank you Richard. Never the less as I have noticed Moz base their DA on amount of links and I have seen for quite some time useless domains with bunch of crappy backlinks that did have good DA based only on amount of backlinks. Can you suggest any tool other than Moz or Majestic that build some metrics based on quality of backlinks or other valuable metrics?
  4. I heard that they removed it from public use only but still using for themselves. Is there any info to make sure? I remember there was some PR prediction tools I guess they might be able to get that inner PR?
  5. Hi guys, as long as Google discontinued PR for public I heard that they still use inner PR for they rankings. Is there any tool to check that inner PR?
  6. PR or DA for ranking?

    DA is also easily manipulated, so if you see pr2 site with DA 40 it is not normal, but as long as Google haven't updated PR for long time it might be ok. Never the less, look for few metrics and if all of them is matched like: PR4, DA40, Moz Rank about 4 than this should be good domain with right metrics. IMHO
  7. I would prefer fewer but better links (higher than 30 TF, over 50 DA) than many low quality sites. Although I would get some weak sites for link profile difference, but will choose from weak but trusted sites. Good luck.
  8. I stay in Arambol till April, and would meet with someone here and share some experience and learn from you.
  9. Is there anyone tried selling links with EM?

    Thank you very much Richard it helps a lot, its a new field for me and so much new information to learn. Digging it... )
  10. Is there anyone tried selling links with EM?

    Wow, this is totally new way of thinking for me, thanks a lot Richard. As I know it is either the SEOs or a small site owners. At this point I trying to figure out: 1. How do I: find people that are already marketing to that group? Is there any well known ways or tools? Maybe any examples or at least something, I can't find any idea about how to do this. 2. Keep in mind that what is important is the demographic. I just getting a feel and a guess what that suppose to mean, but could you make it clearer what is demographic? I mean what specifics I have to look for? Like: age, location, occupation or something else? Thank you very much Richard for changing the way of thinking.
  11. Is there anyone tried selling links with EM?

    This is exactly what I feel after trying. So I wondered to make it right way but still no idea where to get that targeted lists from. I searched some forums but I doubt that I can get some good lists from there. Usually there is either scam or lists won't work or will be not as good as wanted. I mean who would share list of their best customers? I might be wrong but I felt this way while searching for the lists of forums. Is there any well known place or service that you can suggest Richard, that I may trust and try myself, or any advice on how to get that kind of lists? Thank you/
  12. Is there anyone tried selling links with EM?

    I do use some advanced script that have macros that changes words to chosen synonyms and ads invisible texts to a body and so on to make it unique every other time. I have tested and see that 95% gets inbox. Other than that the text if email need to be totally changed after 50k as long as it starts to be recognized as spam. It doesn't look like a spam, I mean as clan as possible and individual. But still response rate is very low. I wondering that you partially right Richard. But as I know those lists can cost a fortune or am I wrong? And may be any advice on getting them? Thank you.
  13. Hi, Is there anyone tried selling links with EM? I have tried a lot and it doesn't seems to be working for me. I have created email list myself based on site names and adding specific words to them like: sales@domailname or seo@domainname and so on with support, advertising, admin and many more. I see that many of them going through but from thousands sent I have got maybe one or two responses and not quite perspective. Is anyone can advice from experience is it possible to sell links this way and how to create or get email lists for this niche, thank you in advance.
  14. Thank you very mush Richard it really helps a lot. Awesome advice. Have a great day.
  15. Hi Richard, I checked your link and it does say: You can choose whether you want the annotation to link to another video, your channel, a playlist, a fundraising site or direct the users to subscribe to your channel. I also found available options in annotations and it says: Video Playlist Channel Google+ Profile/Page Subscribe Fundraising Project Merch So I couldn't find a place where I can link to my site from the video. Please advice if I missing something. Thank you.