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  1. Pretty much everyone who tries to rank is blackhat in the eyes of google. It wouldn't help you anyway so forget about it and move on or ...take them on.
  2. Mike C

    Get traffic back

    Its quicker to build and rank a new site than deal with any of that which may or may not work
  3. Can you get in trouble with Tumblr for taking pics from other sites and posting them with links back to your own site?
  4. How about "blow away all competitors indexer"?
  5. Mike C

    "God" gets banned

    Yeah, would be good to get some clarity on what exactly happened here. I see paddy power are denying ever working with his seo agency - http://imgur.com/MaapG9B
  6. This "announcement" just did exactly what Google wanted. Created a load of fear and confusion with lots of "should know better" IM/Host/Domain websites writing articles saying "Guest Blogging is Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but with more exclamation marks and then you get all the idiots saying "great news, il be able to rank my completely white hat website now, keep up the good work Google"
  7. Ridiculous situation. Thanks Google.
  8. Think yer inbox is full. Pm list please
  9. Definitely some more ups and downs than usual but nothing penguinesque...at least not yet
  10. Mike C

    PR Update - Happening Now

    They were using tons of spam blog comments, links wheels, bookmarks etc from Fiverr to try rank for "news" - serves em right the dirty spammers* *but seriously, they are pr8 from where I'm looking
  11. seeing plenty of ups and downs as always..
  12. Some of the parasites will allow the actual affiliate link
  13. I remember this. Think it was GoCompare? KingMonkey advises everyone to stay away from SEO yet TF is primarily an SEO forum If yer site gets hit by Google then stop whining and build another f#ckin one* The ROI is still there... *friday night swearing but not drunk
  14. Mike C

    Disavow Tool - Does it work?

    Negative SEO exists for small businesses but not for big brands which is just fine with google. They don't care if yer local business/aff site gets bombed out of organic search. As far as they are concerned you can just use adwords. If negative SEO does somehow affect a big brand (unlikely) then the down time will be brief as Google will simply fix everything right up for them. I guess when the "don't be evil" slogan was dropped they or "Cutts" or someone else decided to go ahead and start penalizing sites for what SEOs had always said was impossible - Incoming Links. Then the old argument "They will never do that as I can just point links at anyone's site if they do" came into play.