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  1. hostmaster1234

    Which web hosting service you use ?

    We offer a good alternative to the above...SSD hosting with very low load server from £10 per year. See more @ https://www.cheapwebhosting-uk.co.uk
  2. hostmaster1234

    Is this still a viable Forum?

    Yes it seems new registrations are now disabled?
  3. hostmaster1234

    Best Payment Processor?

    Have you tried Stripe and 2checkout ?
  4. hostmaster1234

    Big Google Update

    ^^ Yes not great at the moment.....also algoroo.com seems to have gone down...hasn't updated in a good couple of weeks now
  5. hostmaster1234

    Big Google Update

    So confirmed by Google (for a change ) Thought this part was a bit strange - and there is nothing a site can do specifically to “fix†their ranking after the core update runs unless all related to quality of content rather than code/off-page? https://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-core-search-ranking-algorithm-update-293961
  6. hostmaster1234

    Google Rankings Fluctuations

    Sure....it does seem Google are looking trying to push more into PPC the way the algorithm is performing these days though
  7. Rankings seem to be much more up and down these days than previously.....I dont mean the current movement that can be seen on things like algoroo but more of a longer term trend For fairly high comp kw's top 4 or 5 on page 1 seem fairly safe....anything lower seems like fairly constant dancing...anyone else see similar???
  8. So is anyone actually following the no-follow thing? or do ppl think is another Google bluff?
  9. Has anyone done much with accelerated mobiles pages yet?
  10. Does sound a very good way of getting writers actually Richard! Personally I just use a couple of sites with native English writers for about $15 per 500 which think is pretty good value The two I mainly use are - https://www.article-writing-services.com/ & https://www.textun.com/
  11. hostmaster1234

    WHMCS not offering lifetime license

    Have just noticed that WHMCS have stopped offering the one time license since November and are now offering a monthly subscription so have started looking around for some alternatives Came across quite a good guide here - http://www.hostingadvice.com/blog/whmcs-vs-blesta-vs-billmanager-vs-others/ Wondering if anyone has used any of the different options listed here?
  12. hostmaster1234

    The Ultimate Guide to Site Structure

    Interesting about the use of tags......something I have stayed away from personally.............are people using as "nonindex" ?
  13. hostmaster1234

    17 Untapped Backlink Sources

    Definitely some good little tips there.....well worth resurrecting the thread!
  14. It would depend on the niche really. IMO I could see some niches being quite fruitful whereas others probably nada !
  15. Also depending on the niche and what you are selling having a phone number in the description can be a good idea too!