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  1. If you have an insurance website ranking and making money, please PM me - I am looking to purchase a few more to push my payouts to the next level.
  2. Or maybe buy one one to five good aged domains with greats stats - dmoz/yahoo dir backlinks, PR2+, etc, and just create subdomains or subpages for each kw.
  3. yougotmymoney

    Penguin 2.0

    Small niche networks I see are working very well with Medicare and Life Insurance niches. Sape and Str8 Spam still works.
  4. For automating High PR Web 2.0 account creation FCS Networker is a great option, also I believe there is a template subscription for ZP.
  5. Anyone else try upgrading to version 4 of Backlink Monitor,and find out if you had V 3 for longer than 6 months, they are you charging $30 to upgrade? The $30 isn't a big deal, it's just I don't like it when IM software dev's charge you to upgrade your software. If it was an add-on like AMR is doing with the different platforms for articles, I would understand. But to upgrade to the next version, is a dick move, even though it's apparently in their TOS.
  6. Shows you that you shouldnt change the layout of a money making site ever.
  7. Yeah, MS is a PITA. Sad though because it get's u more links than Senukex.
  8. Looking for Link Builder to rank your site? Discuss all your needs with us, email us at postlinktrading@gmail.com

  9. Must be niche dependent, lead gen niches like insurance/payday loans, I dont imagine have a high user return rate.
  10. until google plugs up all their holes, I dont see anything changing....u telling me if google cant stop hacked edu and diner menu pages from ranking for competitive insurance terms, they are going to give up on anchor txt's?
  11. yougotmymoney

    $100,000 says SEO isn't Dead.

    What kind of niche are you in? In this day and age, I just buy $20 aged indexed insurance domains, slap about 5-10 articles up and use blog networks-web 2.0-public blog posts and rank them, until G decides they dont want to rank me anymore. I have a friend that was/is a partner in an insurance domain/website in the mid 6 figures, he cant WAIT to sell out. I don't see building authority sites anymore, especially in the insurance/finance niche. Unless you write just going to use white hate links to build up the authority of the homepage, and add insane amount of content. I saw this one insurance site that had over 400k indexed pages, most of it was real content not tag/archive pages either. But that's a project in of it's self, not your bread and butter in the here and now. I would just build up pump n dump sites, make that $$ quick, it's all about ROI, right?
  12. yougotmymoney

    $100,000 says SEO isn't Dead.

    Puhlease, people making over 100k yr are not going to waste time on seo forums. Though there will be some expections.
  13. yougotmymoney

    When Google Disavow Tool don't do Jack!

    I did the GWT Disavow thing a few weeks ago, and it may have helped, but I'm going to try it on a couple other sites, to see what's what.
  14. Well if you dont moderate content, you may get deindexed, but if your like OnSugar for example, you will ok.
  15. yougotmymoney

    Getting Unnatural Link Warning All The Times

    why are you registering brand news domains and not using aged domains?