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  1. Well that is going to be handy as hell.
  2. Nice list of useful threads video might be a good choice for your next master thread
  3. So there does seem to be some benefit which makes it worth trying out on our sites. Especially since it is easy to do.
  4. If still interested pm me for account info
  5. Good and useful content which is always a good thing.
  6. I have tested a few different ones and Manage WP was the best one as far as I could see. Been using it awhile and have been happy so far.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I am going to do some planning and will probably have some additional questions once I get into it a bit.
  8. As the title says I am thinking about hiring some help. Looking for some pointers and advice on the best way to proceed.
  9. I suppose that is true but it still means more to keep up with just to stay even. The good point is not everyone will which gives an advantage to those who do.
  10. Keeper

    Your favorite Social Network

    I would say Facebook, Pinterest, and then maybe Twitter.
  11. Nice find between the 2 threads there are a large number of ideas that I can put to use.