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    Let's Talk About Online Startups

    Some awesome ideas here. I love start up nation they always have fresh ideas. I have always believed and still do believe that any good business venture requires great research and knowing what you want to do and once you know what you want and why 'and' that it is actually a viable business model then the next step is putting it together. Alot of small business tend to fail because people get too excited and miss vital components out of the whole process. Online or offline, the more you do your homework the less risk, simple.
  2. GregTrafficPlanet

    Your favorite Social Network

    Personally I have gotten good quality traffic from many areas using social media. I think it is 'what you build in that area' to gain respect which is what works. When you have respect you can send links back to your offers etc very easily. Facebook is still my NO1 source as simply the volume is there and targeting is fairly easy. For example, look at very popular pages and see what they do. Especially look at pages on your niche to copy them. I also have great success with Linked in (not really social media I guess but very good, I write articles for Linked in and back link from there. Tumblr is also great as it is well respected and a great source for information. So, without me whining on and on I still say Facebook is still the best and this is a combination of Fanpages and FB ads.
  3. Personally I have found the very best TARGETED TRAFFIC SOURCES so, effective and higher conversion traffic which is very important to be: In no particular order.... > FORUMS > VIDEO MARKETING > SOLO ADS (so using very good lists of experts and promoting to that list) > Facebook Ads (EVERYONE IS ON FACEBOOK targeting is fairly easy using their latest tools) > Facebook fanpage (BUILDING YOUR NAME/BRAND/PRODUCT/SERVICE) HALF OF THESE ARE FREE TOO SO FOCUS ON TWO AREAS AND MASTER THEM. NOTE: Having a RESPONSIVE LIST is KEY to success online so always aim at using this traffic to build a list first. Build the list using free items of high perceived value and write keyword rich articles and blog posts. And blog posts are great as there is TRUST so this breaks down the barrier and creates better conversions. Oh and, you may get to the point where you want to outsource some of this when you are really busy, try fiverr.com (basic standard) or use elance to help you in another traffic area if you have money to spend.