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  1. Hey Guys, I would like to share with you my little experience and a very lesson that everyone need to know. maybe you know it very well but you don't really work on it. I have started internet marketing since 2013 and for a year I didn't make any money. one year of hard work and didn't make any buck this was very upset for me since I love internet marketing and my goal is to build my business online. but I realized the thing that I was doing wrong. I was focusing on many different things in internet marketing to make money instead on focus on one thing I have got many different courses in internet marketing and simply get overwhelmed with information and there is no thing wrong with the information that I'm getting from the courses. all this information worth every penny paid on it. but the problem was on me. So Please Please Please. don't do my mistake and focusing on many different things to make money. Just focus on one thing and keep doing it until you succeed with it. I know it will be harder on the beginning but never quit and keep focusing on this little thing that you are doing and don't do with it something else. just keep doing it until you succeed. you will feel after succeeded on this thing with joy that you have achieved what you are looking for and being step further from your goal as well as knowing that it works. internet marketing is works but need some work and focus. after finishing from doing this "thing" and success with it you can now mover forward to another method of making money with internet marking and keep doing that. you will have a great experience and know what works the best for you. I hope this message to be helpful for you. I know maybe a lot of you know this. but this what happened with me and thought I should share
  2. I've seen this question a lot, and I would like to answer it from my experience. if you have a list or maybe it's a huge list and you have few and little open rates, the problem definitely on you. if there is anyone opt in to your list because maybe they have interested in your lead magnet. chances are that they on other marketers lists also I'm I correct, think of it logically. if they on other marketers lists how you can separate yourself from this competition. look at what typical marketers do they always pitch since anyone opt in their emails lists. and because of that their open rates always decrease until it disappear, if anybody opt in to your list don't pitch them on the first 5 or 6 emails, provide them value, make them know who you are as a person, with that you will build a good relationship with your list. Maybe you heard this argument "MONEY ON THE LIST" but this isn't true I'm saying "MONEY ON THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR LIST", you need your prospects to be responsive to your emails and you can do that with providing them value, free stuff. I don't say that you don't try to sell them. as long as you have good relation with your list. you will make more open rates and more sales. This is it, this is just is, this is the most important factor of increasing your open rates. I wouldn't talk about good title or short email. because if people know you will they will open your emails whatever title you have. I hope this question was helpful to you. let me know what do you think by replies.
  3. at first It wasn't clear to me but when I have read your blog post. I liked what you did and will try to do it.
  4. Personally I prefer paid traffic than free traffic, it fast scalable and you can crush it if you know what you are doing. I focus on ppc
  5. everyone knows contents is the heart of a site. everyone knows google will automatic crawl , index. but I curious anyone try before? just post new contents to your site. Never share on social medias never submit to google never do gust post never backlink etc. what's the results? compare doing backlink , etc ...? Because I see most of us after completed a new content will post on social media, backlink etc
  6. Your favorite Social Network

    Instagram and twitter both are great.
  7. Hello Everyone, By the article of Barry Schwartz There is unpreddictive updates to see around teh google Serp. So what you all think it will affect the SEO community and webmasters. Share your views about the same. Thanks
  8. Twitter Auto Reply when people follow ?

    Thanks Richard this helped a lot
  9. How do you send an auto-Reply thank you when people start following you on Twitter? I don't see any settings in Twitter for that, yet I suspect its automated just from the way they come in when I start following someone. I thought it was an email reply from an email client but they all look too similar to be that.
  10. Is Email Marketing Ending

    Email Marketing Still and will be the most effective for building your business. actually no business consider a real business without a list you have and working on providing value to them and building a good relationship with your list members. so list is so important and if you feel that you don't have success with it that mean that is there something wrong you are doing. try figure that out.
  11. you should and have to email subscription on your blog. if you have 500 visitors a day so you can build your list fast and this is what most important in affiliate marketing if you know how to treat the list well. so you can have and email subscription form under each post or on the side bar
  12. Hey Guys, I would like to share the method of getting super targeted traffic that worked well for me and thought it will be a good idea to share it with you so you can benefit from it. it works. Basically what I do is I go to google alert and create an alert on the topic that I'm targeting I'm in internet marketing niche this what I'm familiar with so let say it will be on affiliate marketing or make money online. You want this keyword to has the largest amount of traffic possible don't make alerts on keywords that has low amount of traffic. so what next. For the potions of the alert I like to make it like that How often : as it happens Source : Blog or Discussions. you can create one for blog and another one for discussion I don't miss with other. just this two. Region : any region language : English How many : only the best results. After that, what will happen is google will send you an alerts of the blog posts and forum discussions that are new and updated and recently indexed by google. this are the most hot today and will get a lot of traffic. what you will do then. if it's a blog you will comment on it by your link or if it's a forum discussion. you will join and post with your signature. it's that simple. it worked well for me. let me know what do you think and if I can help you with this.
  13. I didn't succeeded with Facebook ads fortunately I didn't use this such amount like $500 for advertising on Facebook. but I wonder why I see a lot of marketers who's promoting their stuff webinars, landing pages and get leads and sales via Facebook. didn't work for me.
  14. What is your best traffic source?

    I prefer paid advertising it's quick and scaleable. if you know what you are doing then you can crush it with paid traffic. for organic traffic it takes time and some work. for paid it takes money. the choice for you.