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  1. So he did all of that work and only ended up with about 600 sites to successfully submit to? Seems like there are more efficient ways..
  2. The list is really, really old now, though. When it comes to AMR, you're much better off sourcing your own list rather than using one that gets shared around. You should also update your list every couple of months.
  3. Really? Getting an unindexed page indexed, sure, but I can't see this working too well with a deindexed domain.
  4. Some business model. They collate a huge amount of mugshots for free (Presumably?) and they then charge $100 to remove them, haha.
  5. This is what I'm thinking. Try and offer a low priced website set up to businesses that you break even or turn a small profit on.
  6. They will definitely come out from the under the ban. It will only be temporary and I doubt it'll last more than day or so. I use about 60 proxies and keep both the index checker and PR checker on 10 threads. If I only have to PR/Index check a couple of hundred url's then I up them a bit but I've found I can check thousands of url's without getting blocked at all with this ratio.
  7. a1b2

    Directory Sites SEO

    Just have a unique paragraph or so on each cities page. You can basically say the same thing, just in different words in each time. You could probably get away with doing it how you mentioned but I think having some actual unique content would be preferable.
  8. Generally speaking, if domaintools doesn't show any info about a domain being dropped I just presume that the domain hasn't been dropped. I'm not sure if that's 100% accurate but I haven't had any problems using that as a rule.
  9. As an aside, I had a few EMD's sitting idle just as the update came through. So, I decided to set them up after the update and see what would happen. I've built some links to 2 of them and they're in the top 5 for their keywords. Not hugely difficult keywords to rank for, but they are pretty thin sites on EMD's. The update seems to have wiped out plenty of EMD's (And many of them are fine, like the OP) but you can still rank new EMD's just as easy? The whole update is a mess, basically.
  10. Link Assistant will check to 1000 results. YGMM, I use Proxy Bonanza with all of Link Assistant's tools which seems to work okay.
  11. I think Facebook search will be relevant to us much sooner than Bing, to be honest. I hate that site but am beginning to accept that I will, at some point soon, have to start using it again.
  12. Provided the PR was legit to begin with it should be fine. Anytime a change happens to a domain, like privacy is enabled, changes nameservers etc it's pretty common for PR to drop. Almost always comes back, though.
  13. Okay so they are obligated to forward them and it's the person who created them who is in the wrong. That makes more sense. Given that, though, I'm amazed it's taken this long to start receiving them. I would have thought people would have started doing that a long time ago. If we were talking about 1 solitary link, sure. I had 100+ domains that were in ALN at some point. If I started getting heaps of these it certainly wouldn't take as long as the 2 minutes it took me to create this thread. 1. Whether a domain is deindexed in Google is irrelevant to Bing and Yahoo. 2. A lot of the domains I had in ALN are still indexed and still have PR.
  14. I, like anyone else who had domains in ALN, have received heaps of emails from people wanting links taken down. Given the lack of response, I guess many of them are starting to send DMCA letters to hosts. Person submits articles -> network gets deindexed -> person's site gets penalised - person wants articles taken down As we all know, there is no copyright infringement from this whole scenario. The people sending DMCA's for this are idiots and up until a day or 2 ago I would have expected all good hosts to ignore those types of requests. However, Hostgator have forwarded me a few of these emails in the last few days saying that if I didn't comply they'd take the offending sites offline. What the *****? As I said, I'm amazed a host as well known and respected as Hostgator would be doing this. They said they are legally obligated to forward these on and my only recourse is to file a "counter-notice" that the Claimant is wrong. Have any of you also been receiving DMCA requests like this? I guess I'm just shocked that Hostgator of all hosts are forwarding these on.