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  1. I've sent you an email. I've got a PR5 and PR4 health related and a PR2 educational that I'm willing to exchange links with. Email: jerry.tellier@gmail.com cheers,
  2. I've got the following PR health sites with low OBL and would be interested in exchanging with similar. PR5 PR4 bunch of PR1's Also have a PR2 education site. Contact me if your interested jerry.tellier@gmail.com cheers
  3. I'm also interested. If anyone else is, please email me at: jerry.tellier [at] gmail.com cheers
  4. Take a look at what happened to one of Pat Flynn's site using similar colors, even after Adsense recommended he use similar colors! http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/email-from-google-adsense-account/
  5. Steve, thanks for the interesting inner-link building diagram. Do you not have have any links going from your homepage to any of your inner-pages?
  6. Congrats at what you've accomplished! Are you actively building links to your site?
  7. I should have posted back here a few days ago. Just like I thought, they take the weekend off and my site was added Monday. Thanks!
  8. I've just submitted a PR3 blog, looking forward to testing this network!
  9. Got to tell you, the customer support is terrific. Submitted a few articles today, had a couple of errors with them and received a nice email explaining the mistakes I made. Made it real easy for me to go back and fix them. Love the way you've got it set-up to add your links, nice and easy. Lots of these networks opening up lately and I can tell some real planning has been put into this one....great job Joe! Thanks
  10. Hi Andy, Just logged into my control panel and I gotta say, it's a bit confusing for me. I know I am not the brightest bulb out there but I've been using half a dozen different networks and this needs a bit clearer info IMHO. Could not find any support or contact information. Tried to add a domain, but I got stumped on this part: Allowed link domains Read the faq's a few times and couldn't figure it out. Also, couldn't figure out the answer to this questions either: How many projects I can create? The answer just left me confused. Sorry, not slamming you, your network or anything....just have a tough time figuring it all out. I'll wait to hear from you.
  11. rainmark

    Private Blog network list 2012

    Great list...thanks! Just came across another free one http://www.blogauthoritynetwork.net/ don't really know anything about it yet. I can't keep up with all these networks opening up!
  12. I am in as well. Looking forward to trying it out.