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  1. SilentSEONinja

    What is your best traffic source?

    Are you getting the traffic organically or through paid search? I have been trying to increase my organic traffic but right now my main driver is still Adsense.
  2. Very interesting service. I am going to give this a try in a little bit and see how it goes. Is this a freemium plugin?
  3. SilentSEONinja

    Scrapebox v2 is Out

    What are the differences between the old and new? I used to have the first version, but haven't used it in a while. Are there any new features or anything?
  4. If you find really suburban areas on craigslist, it is best to post to those as you will get a lot of stay at home moms and college students. I have had very good experiences finding writers on craigslist but only after you sort through all the spam.
  5. SilentSEONinja

    Quality SEO Reseller Service Provider?

    I have heard praise for the hoth for reselling. They offer pretty niche related services and local citations as well.
  6. SilentSEONinja

    Social Media Signal Checker

    Just ran a site through it and it didn't pick up everything. Completely missed Facebook and Pinterest for my site. Not to mention it took ages to load. Still thanks for the share.
  7. This method used to be so much more effective couple years ago. It can still be used today effectively but Google's algo for the notifications isn't what it used to be imo. You can definitely generate traffic through this method, but does it convert?
  8. SilentSEONinja

    Majestic TF Update

    In this case you are right. Since it was a bug, it doesn't matter. if I didn't know it was a bug and looked at my stats than I would have been a little spoofed.
  9. SilentSEONinja

    Alphabet to absorb Google

    I hope they have big things planned for their side projects. I can't wait to see what this whole thing evolves into.
  10. They will be back before too long. Also, I don't think they got rid of phone numbers on mobile, which is where it's most effective.
  11. SilentSEONinja

    Majestic TF Update

    Well they aren't there just to look pretty, friend. It can be a good indicator of what's to come. Also it can be used as a sales tactic.
  12. If you haven't heard yet, Alphabet (a company founded by Google's founders) is set to absorb Google and all its project very soon. Supposedly, Google will have a new CEO and Larry and Sergey will be CEOs of Alphabet. Here is a link to their new site announcing the changes https://abc.xyz/ Do you think this will change Google much?
  13. Interesting indeed. If you are one of the top 3 then it is good news, if you are not...well then. Get back to work. lol Personally, I can't wait till it evolves further. Have you heard about the Alphabet?
  14. In addition, the layout of your site also affects how many people share. As A/B testing will tell you, not all sites have the same rate of shares, even for similar traffic and content. If the share buttons aren't noticeable then nobody is going to share it. On the other hand, if the share buttons follow you as you scroll through the page, then people are a lot more likely to click that share button.
  15. SilentSEONinja

    What is your best traffic source?

    My best traffic source would have to be Adsense right now. Facebook is a close second. I guess I preffer paid ads traffic since I can set it once and be done with it, as long as it remains profitable. I also get a lot of visits through signature links in other forums.