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  1. Thanks buddy! So would you link unique hand-written articles to the money site?
  2. Hey guys I have read good things about WordAI, contentprofessor, the best spinner etc What is your honest opinions as to what the best solution is for unique and decent/good quality articles? Thank you.
  3. keylow

    Hide Keywords from Spy Tools?

    Hey thanks for the reply. I knew you could always check the source code easily. I was just wondering if there was a way to stop automated tools etc. What did you mean by "take the class"? Thanks again!
  4. Hello, Is there a way to block or hide keywords from "Spy tools" from competitors? I am sure somebody can always dig into the source code , but I wanted to know if we can hide from most automated tools out there etc? Just a thought Thank you in advance!
  5. I came across this http://www.tuberankingsoftware.com Any opinion on this tool? I would like to know what the best software is out there to help in ranking of videos? I remember coming across a software that was recommended in a tutorial, but i forgot the name. Any help? Thank you!
  6. Hey guys/girls, Quick question. Just wanted to know what the BEST or most accurate tool is available to check how hard it is to rank for certain keyword/s? I own Market Samurai... Your thoughts and opinions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey im no pro here but what's the difference between Money Sites and SEO sites? A quick example? I want to rank on keywords through SEO. I want to use Adsense and CPA to monetize. I am looking for a good hosting solution for this! Does TPH fit my needs?
  8. So in short, is TPH good for money sites and SEO? Thanks in advance!
  9. keylow

    Best SEO Hosting?

    Hi, Am looking for a good SEO host. Would I be looking for separate A-Class hosting or C class? What's the best all-in-one SEO host company out there? Your opinions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. keylow

    Backlink Tool?

    Thanks guys so Ahrefs it is!
  11. Hi, If I were to build backlinks to a fanpage for certain keywords, will it work in ranking through Google? Is it worth building backlinks to , or not? Anybody care to help, thanks in advance.
  12. keylow

    Backlink Tool?

    I am looking for the most accurate backlink tool checker available. Majestic gives me one number, through Market Samurai, but then another site gives a totally different number... Example: http://smallseotools.com/backlink-checker What is the most accurate tool to you? In my example Majestic says 77 backlinks and SST says 452 backlinks... Care to give some advice? Thanks in advance.
  13. keylow

    Email Management Question

    Thanks, Dave worked like a charm! =)
  14. Hi, I would like to edit an email list from example: email1@example.com email2@example.com to email1@example.com, email2@example.com Does anybody know of a tool that can do this? Thanks in advance!
  15. keylow

    Delayed Auto-Responder?

    The problem with that is the email is sent instantly, I don't want the email to seem like a bot, but more personal...which is why i need it to be delayed every X amount of time