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  1. Most people think that managing money is hard work. Most individuals look at how much money they have to manage and when things get tight, it’s about how much they make, not how much they manage. The truth of the matter is, how you manage your money plays a big part in how much it grows and how much you are able to save. If you think you’re ready to go on the road to financial recovery, the JARS system is a good way to get started. The JARS money management system is a method of income management that focuses on dividing your income into specific groups for specific purposes. This system implements a balance between long term and short term financing and saving and if stuck to, can yield hugely beneficial results. According to T. Harv Eker in his money management seminar, people can use this system to begin managing their money, if they haven’t yet. He stresses that the difference between those who are financially free able is that they have great money managing skills and think in the long term. Those who find themselves short of cash or always living on tight budgets fail to put importance to proper money management and generally think of short term gratifications, hence unnecessary spending. The JARS system divides income into six different “accountsâ€, each with its own percentages: Financial Freedom Account (FFA) = 10% Long Term Savings for Spending (LTSS) = 10% Education (EDUC) = 10% Necessities (NEC) = 55% Play = 10% Give = 5% According to the system, these 6 groups are the ways one should segregate their money. Let’s look at them in detail. Fianancial Freedom Account The JARS system tells you to put 10% of your income into your FFA account every time you receive it. The general rule is to let this money accumulate interest and you must never spend the money inside this account. Money from the FFA may be used to purchase or acquire passive income funds. Though you may spend the interest that grows from this fund, it recommended that you don’t until the time that you stop working and retire. Long Term Savings for Spending The LTSS account will receive 10% of your income everytime you receive it. What you put in this account can be used for future expenditures such as future education for your children, home mortgage payments, or hospitalization. You can also treat this as your source of contingency funds. Education The EDUC account will also receive 10% of your income every time you receive it. Use the money that you accumulate from this account to pay for seminars, classes, and special events that you want to attend which can help you to grow and enrich yourself. Just because you are out of school and working doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Halting learning means depriving yourself of any other potential you may have not tapped into. Necessities Your necessities fund will receive 55% of your income. You will use this fund to pay for bills, buy food, pay for transportation, purchase clothing, hair services, and other necessary items and services you might need to spend for. It is where you should get your day to day living funds. Live within your means and stick to 55% for NEC. Make necessary adjustments where needed. You might think that this will be difficult, but with a little determination and practice, you will see that you can live within this budget. Play Put 10% of your income into your play account, which you can use to spend on anything to pamper yourself. The idea behind this is to completely spend every penny in this account and feel good about it. Whether it’s a massage, a new pair of shoes, or a trip (which might have to accumulate over a few months), spend this money, reward yourself, and feel good! Give Allocate 5% of your income to be given to charity or for donations, or just to help someone in need. This simple act will make you feel good and will give you a sense of social gratification. If you feel the need to give more, adjust from your NEC fund. All in all, the JARS system is a great way to start managing your money right. It’s simple and produces results. Whether it’s because you want to start saving, or to make sure you’re giving back to society, the JARS system can surely help you to attain those goals.
  2. Just what does it take to have a Millionaire Mind? When athletes begin conditioning their bodies for a marathon, they take this process very seriously. They do it for the ultimate goal: victory. In the same way, attaining a millionaire mind is like training for a marathon—you condition your mind for the long haul and you commit yourself to move towards this specified direction. It’s not something we do on a whim, nor is it something we do only when we feel like it. The truth is that this process encompasses our lives. However, admittedly, there will be high and low seasons—but whether we peak or we dip, there will always be something that will push us to go on, to keep moving. Whatever that motivator is, it will be the make-or-break factor that will determine the outcome of our movements, of how far we will really be able to go. You want to know what the right button to push is? That’s right, it’s our motivations. These are the sole reasons behind everything that we do. And these sole reasons, simply put, can either be good or bad, positive or negative. And while these two ends of the spectrum can both be successful in pushing us to the limit, the real concern should be what condition you will be in once you arrive at your destination, using that motivation. There are people who are fuelled by negative energy with the end goal of earning money and are able to do so because of this push—however, they will have done so out of, for instance, anger or bitterness toward a person, or an effort to defy the rules and rebel. However, because of these negative emotions, they try to rid themselves of what they get, and so they end up back at base one: both bitter or angry and penniless. Others, on the other hand, are afraid of being left with no money, or that they will never have enough of it. This distracts their focus from other aspects of their life, thus affecting their emotional, physical, even spiritual state. While there is some use to fear (it can be pretty effective in making us move faster to get things accomplished sooner), imaginary pain (which is rooted in negative condition that triggers all sorts of negative emotions) becomes more of a hurdle or a barrier to happiness rather than a help or a good source of inspiration or motivation. Try Joy and Purpose Two things to try having in your life are joy and purpose. What will happen if you are actually enjoying what you are doing? What about if you were trying to do something that was beyond your own self-satisfaction? If joy and purpose are not what fuels you, then you will not go as far. Sure, you’ll be happy and successful here and there, and in occasional spurts, but ultimately, all these will just make you a stressed-out and burned-out person. You can attain a certain level of productivity, but your physical, mental and emotional well being will not benefit from it in the long haul. Not even money will work in reducing the fear or anger you will feel from negative conditioning, because what you need to work on is the anger or the fear itself to move forward properly. Change what drives you! So you want to be rich, and you want to be happy—then don’t push the wrong buttons. If you really want to be financially successful, learn how to root yourself in the right soil. Push the right buttons to inspire you. Choose the buttons that really make you joyful. What are these things that we are talking about? It’s now your turn to speak!
  3. In this day and age, everyone wants their dream job, whatever it may be. If you are set on reaching this job, then this article is for you. Honestly speaking, a good resume can only get you so far. Most people think that companies and organizations will pick their future employees based simply on what is written on their resumes—how long they are, what honors and awards you have, how articulate you express your passion to work with them, or what skills you can offer them, or even what experiences you have had and references you can give or jargon you can speak. However, this is hardly the case. You were probably taught that a strong resume is key to getting into a good company, and while it is true that a good resume is important, it will not land you the job you want on its own. This is because the best places to work are also those which everyone sends their resumes to. Day in and day out, dozens upon dozens of resumes flood the desks of the human resources department and make their way to the desks of hiring officers. However, most people would not think of looking at it too much. They make take at most a minute to glance at a resume, then proceed to the next. However, if you were really serious about catching your dream workplace’s attention, a piece of paper you spent so much time on formatting is certainly not the way to go. Now that technology has given us so many ways to connect and showcase one’s talents and skills, the trick to impress companies and to see the value you can bring to an organization is to be creative in marketing and branding yourself and your skills and expertise. At the end of day, you do not want to present yourself as a run of the mill type of person with the average set of skills and average attitude. You need to show that you are worth investing in and keeping as a valuable employee to the company, and unfortunately, a piece of paper that says so much about you and showing you off as perfect can be made up or embellished. The cover letter you send may also be just as worthless, as the company does not need to see you praising the company and yourself up. Impressive ways of showing that you are interested in working with the company while at the same time showing your skills is through perhaps submitting a case study project that you worked on, or even sending the link to an online blog that shows off your portfolio or work done. Organizations want to concretely see what you have done and what you can do as a member of the organization, and great organizations, comprised of intelligent and creative people, will also want people who show the same attitude and way of thinking—someone who thinks out of the box and does things in a unique way. Career Security, Not Job Security You will want to invest in creative ways of marketing yourself to prospective employees because at the end of the day, you should be aiming for career security rather than job security. Do not be afraid about losing your job, there are many others, and if you have developed yourself enough, you should not have a problem finding another. Aside from developing your skills and expertise, you also need to develop your own brand—who are you to these prospective employers? What is your niche? What is your unique selling point? There are so many tools and ideas to let the world know about what you can do and who you are. One thing that most people underestimate is the ability to network online. Connections are vital in any industry, and so to network and connect with different people not only helps you learn of news and skills that may help you in your field, it will also help you meet new people and put yourself out there for other people to see that you are available for work. Networking can also be done when you mentor people or are mentored by industry leaders, so that it is not just you who benefit but even those after who also need help—now is the time to pay it forward. Making a portfolio of past projects is one way of showcasing your talents in a very concrete manner, as it shows the results you were able to generate through your effort. If you are allowed to, make your portfolio available online or to different potential clients that you can attract. You can also contribute your own ideas about your area of expertise through journals, publications, and the like. Contributing ideas show just how passionate you are about your field that you wish to engage ideas and dialogue about it. At the end of the day, to do the things above requires some change, and a desire to start doing something that you love, rather than just trudging along at a nine to five pace at a boring job that you may not necessarily like. Creating your own reputation and self online allows you to go after what you want, to live a life that will make you happy, rather than enslaving you to a job simply in order to earn big money or because “you have no other choiceâ€, or simply because you want to just get by. You do have a choice, and if you will simply take the time and effort to market yourself effectively and aggressively online, you can do more than get by. You will be excited for your job and are willing to spend time on it, rather than feeling like you are simply forced to work. How you live will definitely be affected once you build up your own brand and image online. All you need to do is to go for it.
  4. Wondering how you can make money using the Internet? Contrary to some people who think that that Internet is only for blogging and social networking, there are countless ways in which you can profit from using the Internet as your business platform. Internet marketing has become such a highly profitable trend that many businesses are now taking their products online. Knowing how to make money on the Net can help you gain additional income (sometimes even passive income), and as such, it is important that you know the different ways in which the Internet can work for you. Want to know how to earn money from your website? Let’s count the ways: Affiliate Marketing One good way to make money using the Internet is through affiliate marketing. How does this work? This is simply selling another’s product as an affiliate and earning a certain commission for it. If you want to learn how to make money from your website, this can be a good way to start as the process is quite simple. However, this takes a lot of promotional efforts on your part as you will have to do your best to promote the products you are selling online. This is where networking skills will help you get to where you need to be. Pay Per Click Another way to make money using the Internet is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This works in a very simple way. If you own a blog on a popular and public blogging platform such as Blogger, you will have the option to advertise entry-relevant products for each of your blog entries through platforms such as Google Ads. For every person that clicks on the product from your website, you will gain passive income. This is a relatively easy way to make money as you will not need to do much apart from setting up your account. However, to make a lot of money from PPC, you will heavily rely on page hits and views to raise clickthrough rates. Article Marketing One of the most effective ways of knowing how to make money on the Net is by learning the art of article marketing. This is simply the act of creating relevant, fresh, and unique written content targeted at your primary audience for the purpose of creating a sale or a click-through. Your articles can be published on e-zines and other journals and article submission directories, enabling more people to view the article and learn more about your product. These are just some of the ways on how to earn money from your website. You can use a combination of each or just stick to one method if you prefer; at the end of the day, the choice is really up to you. But learning how to make money from your website involves a lot of trial-and-error methods in order to find the perfect marketing mix that will give you maximum results, exposure and profits.
  5. If you have heard about niche marketing, then you are on your way to learning how to make money with niche websites. However, if you have not heard of this term, then read on to find out what it is. Niche marketing is a really profitable practice made by up-and-coming online businesses. It aims in targeting many micro niches in order to make money on the Internet. By “micro,†I’m talking about niches that have not been used by any other marketer. If you tap into these undiscovered niches, you will not have to go up against big and well-known businesses. Instead, you will be meeting the needs and wants of a focused group of consumers that have been longing to buy information and products pertaining to your niche. Doing business this way is very exciting since you get to go into the many popular, trending, and new niches and markets online. With niche marketing, not only can you earn passive income, but you also learn a lot of new things with every niche you venture into. I have mastered how to make money with niche websites and blogs that promote affiliate products to a variety of profitable niches. I aim to build two to three niche websites every week in order to cater to moneymaking micro niches. But before you can even begin in building and designing your own niche website, you have to do thorough keyword and market research to make sure that there are people who exist in the micro-niche you want to pursue. This is very important in helping you become successful in niche marketing. In niche marketing, you will know how to make money with niche websites and get to make multiple sources of passive income. For my own moneymaking websites, I do my own research to find the top 10 most profitable niches that I could go into. I know I said earlier that you should only target untapped micro niches instead of the popular ones, but let me clarify this. In order to find untapped niches, I identify the ten most popular and profitable niches first and then I narrow them down. This way I am able to find sub-niches. And voila! By narrowing popular niches down to something a bit more focused, I get micro sub-niches that I can venture into. I can then avoid too much competition this way and just focus on exploring what are some ways I can make money. The practice of niche marketing has become widespread and a lot of online marketers have been earning a lot of money from utilizing it. I’m earning a lot from it too after searching what are some ways I can make money. It will really work for you as long as you put in your time, effort, and money in building a lot of niche websites every week. By doing niche marketing, your online income can grow exponentially for a long time. You may have seen online marketing gurus telling you how they have achieved their wealth using their “secret†tricks and techniques. While they do make a lot of money online, the truth is they don’t really have any tricks or techniques considered secret. These gurus have earned their millions by putting in a lot of hard work, time, and money to invest in their profitable niche websites. The logic here is very simple: they made money from niche marketing, which is already changing the way people make money online. The difference here is the income stream—with niche marketing, you are not generating active income streams; you are earning PASSIVE income. Plus, these gurus’ niche sites are not the simple ones built from “revolutionary†software that lets you create a website in minutes. They have actually spent a lot of time, effort, and money in building their quality niche sites in order to earn profit from them. The secret of online marketing gurus: Nothing. Every online marketing guru you come across just create more profitable niche websites. By the end of the day, they have already made a huge amount of money online. Looking at the 80/20 rule, you will see that only 20 percent of the many online marketers today are making the most from niche marketing. It’s because they know how to do it the right way. You may have been asking yourself, “What are some ways I can make money?†for a while now. Well, this is it—niche marketing. And if you want to learn how to make money the right way and join the successful online marketers, then you should start building a portfolio of profitable niche websites right now.
  6. If you are wondering how you can make money using different websites, then you have come to the right thread. I would let you in on my secret to making money. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Making money online may be a “trade secret†that must not be shared for others, but not for me. In fact, I find that creating online businesses and wealth is a passion of mine – something that has brought me success and fulfilment. I would like to share this success with you. One ingredient to my success might be my talent for making the most of opportunities that come my way. Whenever I see a thing, a problem, or a phenomenon, my mind immediately works over time in trying to find value in it. I think of solutions or opportunities that might be implicit in something. Because of this talent, my wife calls me a Creative Creator. I have to admit that this nickname does have some bearing on my personality. Thus, my passion for creating businesses online does not only stem from the desire to make money. Instead, it is really about trying to find something conventional and tweak it so that it will create value for everyone and in turn, generate revenue as well. Now, let me tell you about my Internet Marketing journey. I started off by creating WordPress websites for people who need them. The idea of creating a full-blown, up and running website from virtually nothing excited me. In addition, learning that these Wordpress websites eventually become profitable gives me an enormous sense of fulfilment that no money can buy. I simply thrive and have fun in this work – it makes me jump out of bed every morning, eager to start the day. It is a wonderful bonus, of course, that good money comes in from this work too. It was the year 2006 when I first tried out website building. Back then, I could not understand how people can make money in the internet. Truth be told, it is still pretty hard for me to explain what I do when people ask. In this article, I shall try to explain as clearly as I can. It may seem hard to believe, but I started out with zero investment. Now, I am earning exclusively because of the profitable websites I created in Wordpress. I do not need to write for websites or work in Elance. However, I will leave you to speculate as to how much money I earn since I can easily be misleading you by making figures up. To start my online website building expedition, I bought this cheap hosting package from a site called Hostgator. For only $4.95 a month, I was able to host an unlimited number of websites. This made sure that my online businesses can continue expanding. As of now, I already have a couple of hosting plans but it all started with this hosting package. I am still amused whenever I think of what could have happened had I decided against buying that package because I thought it was too expensive at that time. Getting Started: Build Websites, Make Money I believe it was about five or six years ago when I started building websites – I am not sure of the exact date. I started with a website that made different information available for those who access it. At this point, I was not yet aware that you can actually monetize these websites. As time passed, however, I realized that you can actually make money from websites. I tried out different forms of monetizing my websites and was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked! From then on, I tried to build more profitable websites like the first one. Then again, it is not all rainbows and butterflies – some seem to grow and develop into largely profitable sites that need to be constantly maintained while others simply seem to fade into nothingness and need to be dropped. Today, I still spend time trying to create websites in addition to the profitable ones – but I only make an effort to grow them when I see indications that they can be profitable, otherwise, I just drop them. My major business expansion did not really take place until I learned about making websites using WordPress. I started to learn about this process through tedious means: by interacting on forums and doing my own internet research. I started becoming an expert in WordPress website building and today, I can build my own profitable WordPress site with practically a few strokes and clicks! Now that I have introduced WordPress sites to you, I will tell you more about some sites where you can earn AdSense Keywords I started with Google AdSense to make money. This is for the following reasons: first, it was well-known to everyone including me. In fact, at this particular point in time, I did not know any other sites that can help people make money online. Second, it paid well – enough for me to work from home while still able to cover for my daily living expenses. At first, I thought that you simply have to put AdSense into your website and wait for the money to pour in. I realized eventually that there are a lot of technicalities involved if you want to make sure that you earn a lot; you can customize your sites and create gimmicks to increase your AdSense click-through rate. To use AdSense, you have to be familiar on the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You also have to incorporate the ad code from AdSense into your own web html. AdSense is a very defined way of giving incentives – it paid you based on what keyword served as the “door†through which a person accessed your website. If the keyword is coveted by advertisers, then you get paid higher. You can find out what keywords are valuable by going to AdWords and finding out the cost of bidding for certain keywords. Though AdSense provides good money, I have tweaked my way of earning. What I now do is try to figure out what keywords get most hits and put related products (sometimes my own) as links. Amazon Links Amazon is one of my recent discoveries. For someone like me, who already owns established and profitable websites, I can simply put in new links like that of Amazon’s to my successful sites. I also create specialized websites or niche websites that are focused on selling these Amazon products. I did not stop there. I discovererd this autoblogging plugin and placed it in my sites that are linked to Amazon and they drive in a lot of attention. I am now consistently earning from Amazon as well! Having tried this method, I can conclude that Amazon niche sites are a good way to make money online as well. Affiliate Programs: Clickbank For affiliate programs, I first tried out Clickbank way back 2006 and I have been using it ever since. To achieve success with this, I first studied what Clickbank products had the highest sales. Once I found out what these products were, I would start to build websites that match these products. My very first successful attempt in this website was a $10.48 from an affiliate sale. You can just imagine how happy I was when I saw the money deposited to my Clickbank account! Despite the small amount, I felt successful especially when I consider how not many people actually make money online even if they try it out. For many of the Clickbank products that I sell on my established websites, I try to create and test new ways of marketing and selling the products. At this point, I was not afraid of making riskier moves since I already had a continuously stream of income from my WordPress sites. My initial earnings from Clickbank came in the form of checks which had to be encashed. As I began to earn more and regularly, I was eventually allowed to have earnings directly deposited to my bank account. Ebay: My Sales Training Ground Before I became interested in creating websites and selling affiliate products, I was first selling my clothes and other things in Ebay way back in the year 2000. My beloved partner tells me – and I agree – that my skills in selling stuff was initially developed from my Ebay selling experience. In fact, I had the chance to transact on a personal level with some customers I got to know from Ebay. This in turn enhanced my real life sales talent. Individual Affiliates to Explore I have a lot of affiliate websites and programs in my journey to make money online. I find TheraBreath one of the websites that offer the best value and offers that can really earn you a lot of customers and money! Websites that are about healthcare should definitely start carrying this product. In my experience, I find HostGator as the second best affiliate in terms of value and offer. If you want to expand your websites and network, you should definitely explore this option. Sell Your WordPress Websites! I sell my WordPress sites to different people with different needs. About 99% of my clients come from the US but I also have clients from all over the world. I sold websites before I explored other means to earn online. I remember buying one website online, doing some “reverse engineering†to find out how it was constructed, and learned how to build my own site from here. The rest was history. I sold my first WordPress site for a wonderful $327 – and just for a few hours of work! Now, I earn about $397 to $1000 for each website I sell. In fact, I can earn as much as five figures in a month, not bad for a job I enjoy so much. For my web flipping business, I just did research on how to create a WordPress website, started buying and creating my own, and listed it for sale online. Today, it is my source of sustainable income. Don’t Be Afraid to Try! As with any other new endeavour, do not be afraid to try new things when it comes to making money online. Experiment with different ways to make profitable online businesses, sell websites and sell products! You need to invest nothing but your time and effort. This would surely bring you the success it brought me! Final Thoughts on Online Profitability Since I was aware of my talent in selling, I always expected to create wealth online. What surprised me, though, was when I found out that it can actually replace my daytime job. In fact, I don’t even consider it work since I enjoy it so much! How many people can say the same for themselves? When I started making money online, I experimented with Clickbank before trying out other types of monetization. From here, I learned that to be successful online, you needed to first establish a website, generate a lot of web hits and from here, sell your products. I applied this knowledge to both AdSense and Amazon to generate revenue. However, I also benefitted a lot on the side through individual affiliates like those discussed above, and through sharesale, linkshare or commission junction. Soon, my earnings came from pretty much anywhere. In fact, there are some instances when money came from a site that I had stopped maintaining two years ago. It is amazing how you can create value by just using the internet. If you want to learn more about creating work online and how to make money online, simply go ahead and post your questions in this thread and I will do my best to answer you. You may also feel free to share your online success stories in this thread so that we can all learn and be inspired. It may be hard work, but rest assured that it is also a fun and creative process! I was excited when I made my first few dollars through Clickbank. What about you? How do you plan to make money online?
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    How to stay on top of ranking?

    You will have to keep building off-page SEO backlinks to your website to stay on top of the ranking!
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    How to Get Listed in DMOZ Directory?

    They are very strict with submissions and you need to make sure that you are submitting a very good quality website to them.
  9. I use both free and paid traffic generation methods. Nonetheless, I would focus more on forum marketing and PPV because these two methods work extremely well for me.
  10. traffichero

    What is your best traffic source?

    I agree that forum marketing works extremely well for traffic generation.
  11. PPV works extremely well for me! If you know how to set up and run a good PPV campaign, you will be able to generate tons of super targeted traffic.
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    How to increase you emails open rate?

    Thank you for the good insight on email marketing. Much appreciated.
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    Facebook ADs - Do they Work?

    I agree with this. We can build on our biz branding with Facebook ads.
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    Facebook ADs - Do they Work?

    Facebook ads for list building works better.