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  1. Wow, I didn't realize the Angela's packets were still floating around. In their day they were good, but very time consuming. Seems like many years ago. I remember phasing out Angela quite some time ago and moving on to Backlinks Blackbelt packets from Terry and that Other Guy (he who must not be named) :-o
  2. Penguin 2.1 launched today

    @Richard - completely agree in terms of timing for rankings to become stable (or relatively stable). While some changes can be real obvious, real fast, my experience has been that it is a good 1-3 weeks before things settle a bit. Important point to remember is that all rankings are relative. Your site may be impacted initially but then other sites above and below yours may also be impacted (positively and negatively) which will impact the rankings of other sites relative to your site. It generally seems to take G. some time to sort out the relative ranking impact.
  3. Hmm, how can you be "pretty sure" everyone's seen these if no one else has mentioned them here?
  4. A couple of interesting articles from Viperchill to check out: "Revealed: The New SEO (When Google Takes Freshness Too Far)" and the follow up "The Great Google Sh*tstorm of Our Time" Worth a read.
  5. Which social sites helps you more ?

    @iPowered Solutions -- Very useful post. Excellent info and well laid out. Thanks. I have found similar results in many respects. Very good points about Google+. At this point I think most people are using G+ of help with rankings in Google search, not to build community, grow followers or drive conversion. Look forward to reading the White Paper when available. Please PM me when the paper is done.
  6. Excellent video and definite food for thought. Thanks Terry. Adam, thanks for the additional info and insights on your personal experience. I'm in the process of doing a lot of Title & Description re-evaluation and cleanup. Looking forward to see how this plays out over time. Definitely prefer traffic to rankings any day.
  7. @_Richard yes, I had checked these out. Seems like there has been research done in a few places on the impact of the number of Tweets or Retweets, but no info to be found on the effect of the quality of the accounts doing the tweeting or the retweeting. For example does a retweet from 10 accounts with 5,000+ followers each carry more weight than a retweet from 500 accounts with 4-5 followers each? Maybe there currently isn't any measurable effect. @MattW, would you be able to share any insights on the number of followers the Twitter accounts from retweetme.co had? Their website says that they provide a full report of all accounts used? Could be interesting. Not trying to judge their service, just trying to get a bit of data on impact of account quality.
  8. All seems logical. Has anyone seen/done any actual testing or measurements of the impact of factors such as the number of followers an account has or how many Tweets they have sent out, or the followers vs. following ratio of the account? Maybe the process of weighing these factors is still being developed by G. and it is not very important at this point. Most evidence I have seen so far seems anecdotal or temporary at best. So has anyone come across a service that will provide Retweets from Twitter accounts that have significant number of real Followers?
  9. Wondering: Does the quality of the Twitter accounts have much or any effect on the results obtained from a Retweet blast? Getting 500 Retweets from accounts that have 2-3 Followers probably has a different effect than Retweets from more legitimate accounts with 1,000+ followers each. Or not? Still trying to determine how much the search engines pay attention to the "quality" of the accounts where the Retweets come from. I haven't been able to locate much data on this. Has anyone else?
  10. Terry, Will follow this with interest. I remember the excellent 60-day Live Experiment on WF quite well. A couple comments on this new experiment: 1. Will the emphasis be mainly on bulk traffic or conversion? 2. Will you provide info on bounce rate, pageviews per visit and time-on-site for each non-Goolge traffic generator? 3. As mentioned by others I would also like to see some form of social media component to the experiment - FB, Twitter, Pinterest, (Google+ ??); others? At the end will you provide some info on KWs targeted and how rankings changed? Maybe not the actual KWs but just use placeholders for each KW such as KW1, KW2, etc. and indicate a ranking range (1-3, 11-14, 51-55, etc.) over time and monthly exact searches per KW. It would be useful to see how the non-Google traffic generators end up influencing KW ranking. Looking forward to following your work.
  11. Another milestone. Congratulations Terry & Richard for providing such a high quality environment. Cheers!
  12. Amen to boosting the signal strength and lowering the noise level. Excellent advice Richard. Thanks.
  13. If you are looking for someone to create Infographics here are some options. http://www.easel.ly/ http://submitinfographics.com/ http://jacoboneal.com/ http://visual.ly/ Have had no direct experience with any of these entities. Hope they are useful. At the least, they are interesting and kinda fun to look at. ;-)
  14. Where Bing Beats Google

    Interesting observation and excellent info. I wonder if this has something to do with the age of the page. I have seen a number of instances where Google seems to view "newer" content as "bettter" and ranks it higher. Seems like the quality of the information is secondary to freshness.
  15. Interesting and pertinent discussion. Just to muddy the waters a bit, is a Laptop computer a Mobile device or a Desktop device? Laptops have already overtaken traditional desktops in terms of annuals sales. Many ultralight laptops are close to tablets in terms of portability. And in the very near future many new laptops will also have touch screen functionality similar to tablets. If I'm sitting at a Starbucks or on a train/plain and using a laptop it seems pretty mobile. If laptops are lumped into the "mobile device" category the numbers change significantly. Although a 17" desktop replacement laptop isn't that much more mobile than a traditional desktop... Many shades of gray in the statistics.